Blackberry Priv

Why Blackberry Priv is not as good as it should be

The latest BlackBerry Priv is so good that in my opinion, it should be named the best Android smartphone of 2015. Blackberry Priv really deserves this title as it is an extraordinary phone. There is no mobile phone that can stand parallel to Blackberry Priv, with respect to quality and perfection. However, despite all of these plus points about Blackberry Priv I am confident that Priv is going to be unsuccessful.

One phone, two keyboards

Blackberry Priv

BlackBerry Priv’s specs are good, but not of the highest quality and standards. The design of BlackBerry Priv is excellent, as it consists of a high quality display and carbon fiber finish on the backside. Furthermore, BlackBerry Priv also comprises of a physical keyboard inserted beneath the display. The highlighted and prominent feature of BlackBerry phones are their keyboards. However, the idea of having two keyboards in BlackBerry Priv appears absurd. One of the keyboards is virtual whereas the other one is physical.

The whole idea of having to keyboards still seems bizarre and unreasonable.

This feature of Blackberry Priv separates it from all other phones in the market currently. However, it is still not clear that who is the target audience of BlackBerry?  And what exactly is the purpose of targeting that audience by launching two keyboards in BlackBerry Priv?

Secure about security

Blackberry Priv

Security within the BlackBerry Priv is also considered a main reason for its popularity and increasing sale. Initially, BlackBerry gained fame based on its data encryption. The same feature of mobile security has been inculcated into the BlackBerry Priv. Moreover, the physical keyboard combined with security has made BlackBerry Priv dissimilar to any of the android smartphones. Can this phone actually change the way android phones are?

Does the Android ecosystem need a phone like this?

We are not really certain about this question. Perhaps not. The BlackBerry Priv is phone might have changed the look and feel of Blackberry phones but it might not change the whole system of android. This could be the phone to turn the company’s notorious market share despair around. BlackBerry phones account just for just 0.4 percent of all smartphone trade in this year. The question here is ‘Does the Android system needs a phone like BlackBerry Priv? After the announcement of CEO John

A richer Android ecosystem?

Blackberry Priv

In BlackBerry Priv’s efforts to cater to everyone’s needs it is failing in catering to anyone at all or a specific target group even. BlackBerry Priv, like, Microsoft’s Surface tablets and Windows 8, in its efforts to cover up the entire market with just one phone has gone in the wrong direction. Diverse needs cannot be fulfilled by just one thing and that’s exactly what BlackBerry Priv failed trying to do.

Nowadays, almost everyone prefers to own an android phone and so, viewing these recent trends BlackBerry decided to join the android group as well. It is a good thing to offer variety and selections to your customers. However, the question here is, whether android needs BlackBerry more than it needs Android? By getting into all of this just to step into the android world, BlackBerry has lost its originality and true value which was its identity at one point in time but now with BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry has shattered its identity and is on the verge of crisis.