3D touch games available on iPhone 6s

Top 10 3D touch games available on iPhone 6s

Well, IPhone 6 and IPhone 6s were two amazingly ravishing devices, and if we take a close look we will realize that it is now almost a month old and during they were on a really amazing start, their marquee feature is perhaps still scrambling for some grip. One of the most amazing features of IPhone is to sense how decisively the user is clicking on the screen, has the tendency to alter the way games and applications present their interfaces and significantly, how their users interrelate with them.

What is most significantly needed to make 3D Touch an accomplishment is the muscular selection of apps, or certainly games that is attractive to users and makes great use of its capabilities. Apple’s latest feature will literally depend on how good the third-party developers will accept it, and while the previous signs are heartening, it still is to be seen the way apps develop and how its progress helps the use of 3D Touch in the extensive term.

At this moment, although, there are a few ravishing apps that gives the perfect 3D Touch for its users but it’s the games that gets the most rating and the best response if they have a good touch. So we have been roaming around the App store to find the best IPhone games with 3D Touch support.  The amount of these types of apps is not in a huge quantity but well, that isn’t always an appalling thing.

So for your convenience, here we present you the 10 best IPhone games which have the best ever 3D Touch support system.

Torque Burnout.

3D touch iPhone 6s game

The first thing to know about this app is that it doesn’t cost you anything, seriously its for free. Torque Burnout is basically a driving game which doesn’t take itself to gravely and cannot be called as a imitation. Torque Burnout uses 3D Touch in such a way that it changes the driving controls. This game uses the amazing abilities of 3D touch in a distinct way and makes the game way attractive than it would have been without this amazing 3D Touch.


3D touch iPhone 6s game

This app Badland would cost you $4.99 only. This game had been titled as ‘Game of the year’. This amazing game Badland has enjoyed continued success and it was in the list of one of the most selling games, beating them up. Badland is not supporting 3D touch controls which make this game even more exciting than it was before the advent of 3D touch. This feature makes It worth the download, doesn’t matter you have played it a thousand times, its way better and enhanced this time. So do check it out!

Special Tactics Online.

3D touch iPhone 6s game

Well, the first thing you are supposed to know about this game, before we move on is that its 100% free and you won’t have to pay a single penny for it. This game is basically based on strategy that aims to bring some of the best of online gaming up to the point where it could be easily played online, and for free.  Special Tactics Online is a game that uses 3D Touch and enhances the game to make it easier and more comfortable to select more than one unit while a battle. This is one of the best usages of technology that we can use in an online game.

Blobs Game.

3D touch iPhone 6s game


Well, you should know that this game is also free of cost for its users and you can download it for free.  This game is actually based on time, this game tells its players to pop the blobs of the similar color, this game uses 3D touch feature and enhances this game on so many levels.  It uses 3D touch for a shortcut to Home screen menu and apart from that it makes a way to build your character minor in siza so that you can quickly contrive through the game.


3D touch iPhone 6s game

For your knowledge it is better to know, that this game is also free of cost and its free to download. A highly estimated racer, Breakneck was famous even more the addition of the 3D feature in this game. With the addition to this, the gamers would definitely have a better control over what their players are doing in the game, and the credit goes to the pressure-sensitive input.

AG Drive.

3D touch iPhone 6s game

For the starters, to download this game you just need to spend $3.99 only. This is a little resembling to Breakneck in terms of arrangement. AG Drive takes benefit of 3D touch following the upgrade that has just arrived after the new IPhones were put in manifestation. This additional feature of 3D Touch has enhanced this game so much that even if you have been playing it for a lot of time, it will drag you back to itself. Well, you doubt? Download it and experience it yourself.

Magic Piano.

3D touch iPhone 6s game

For the starters, this game is also free of cost and it won’t cost you a single penny. This game is basically a piano that reacts distinctly depending upon how you press its keys

It’s a piano that reacts differently depending on how firmly you press on its keys, thanks to the magic of 3D Touch. What more do you need to know? Download it. Now

AE 3D Motor

3D touch iPhone 6s game

A new racer that needs keeping away from obstacles even though driving coupled, AE animations Engine involves animations Touch help regarding curbing acceleration.

Touch Fish

3D touch iPhone 6s game

Having a title just like TouchFish you should perhaps assume this video game to aid animations Hint, and you’d become proper. Now you can, effectively, feel species of fish inside much more animations methods. Or maybe one thing.

Zombie Tsunami

3D touch iPhone 6s game


Zombies tend to be intimidating, in addition to tsunamis tend to be distressing. Zombie Tsunamis are simply just on a completely size, thus it’s a disgrace the video game just can handle 3 dimensional Feel inside some the actual selections in addition to tiny video games. However, it’s much better than absolutely nothing.