Some useful tips you need to know for Android 6 Marshmallow

Need some basic and useful tips for the Android Marshmallow, well, this is the right place you have. For the ones who think it’s just an advanced level of Lollipop find this really easy. So lets get up with the tips and tricks to get understand the new software.

1.    Get your apps uninstalled right away


Just get hold of the app you don’t want any more in your device and hold it for long while pressing it, youll see and uninstalling option right at the top, well, just drag that app too it and there you go, its deleted from your device!

2.    Get to know your RAM Manager


Being updated and known about the RAM in your Android is now simple because of Android Marshmallow.

  • Go to Settings
  • Memory
  • Memory used by apps

And get a view of all the memory hogging apps.

3.    Tap on Google Now


Android Marshmallow is here with a new advanced feature of virtual assistance. Google Nw is going to be a part of your tablet or your phone. This is going to entertain you with all the queries you make. You don’t have to copy or paste stuff, or switch apps, once you get started with Google Now, you may tap on it from any app just select the text and long press the button of Home.

4.    Disable Notification peeking


The popups of the notifications and the peeking from up above the screen is sometimes that is not being liked and wanted by the users. Android Marshmallow is providing you with efficient way to get them disabled from being viewed.

  • Go to settings
  • Sound and Notifications
  • App Notifications

And now you may disable them from peeking by switching off ‘allow peeking’.

5.    Customize quick settings using UI Tuner


The actual UI Tuner can be obtained once you’ve enabled the particular Designer Alternatives mentioned previously. Simply head to Settings > Designer Alternatives and flip the particular transition for Demonstrate Technique UI Tuner. Back up the stage and you will probably view Technique UI Tuner in the bottom of the Settings number.

Throughout Technique UI Tuner, tap Quick Settings and you will probably visit a mockup of the Quick Settings color. You can tiles (press the particular + at the bottom), shift the particular toggles all-around (tap and drag) or perhaps rub out toggles (tap and get for the bottom). Your own alterations are going to be reflected from the Quick Settings selection.

6.    Ignore Battery Optimizations


Android Marshmallow offers an excellent brand-new function called Doze. Whenever your cell phone or maybe pill has become non-active for a time, Android Marshmallow may on auto-pilot hibernate the item (although frightens as well as goal signal could however appear through).You can even however make use of the Battery pack Preserving Mode, much like within Lollipop. Currently, even so, you possibly can banish up to 3 programs from the battery power optimizations added through Battery pack Saver or maybe Doze, just for them to function from complete power even though devices swallows a remainder.

Head to Configurations > Battery pack as well as engage the actual flood selection inside leading appropriate, pick Dismiss Optimizations and choose the actual programs you choose this particular to utilize in order to. You are able to admittance identical selection from Configurations > Programs > flood selection > Superior > Dismiss Optimizations.