Snapchat tips and tricks

Some of useful Snapchat tips and tricks

Everyone is nowadays into Snapchatting whatever they are up to. So how amazing it would be if you get to know something that you aren’t aware of until now. Well, we are going to get you updated with the most astonishing and helpful tricks of Snapchat which is being used by you daily but you aren’t well aware of that! So let’s have a look.

1.    Hidden Snapchat settings may be accessed

Snapchat tips and tricks

You want to check or change the default settings of your Snapchat. That’s not an issue buddy, just swipe down with the tip of your finger and hit the icon of Settings. Scroll more down to get to the Additional services > Manage and get out to check all the hidden and secret options of Snapchat settings.

You may get into set the permissions and different filters, the front facing camera flash, the emojis and you may even successfully reduce the data consumption of Snapchat while you are traveling or not in a mood to get your device heavy with data.

2.    Get your Snaps with both front and back camera simultaneously

An iOS user? Well this one is for you because unfortunately this feature isn’t supported in any other gadget yet. But since you’re an iOS user, well, this is something fun to get hold of. Switch between the front and back camera in a single snap while making a video to share there out on Snapchat with your buddies and fellows!

3.    Have multiple features now!

Snapchat tips and tricks

Well, the snaps we capture are more likely to feel amazing when we add different and amazing filters to it. Well to add a filter on your snap, just swipe your finger to get the different and amazing filters. But, uh wait, what if you want to add up two filters? Like an effect with the tag of time on it? Ha, don’t think so much, Snapchat is real feasible, i.e. all you have to do is select the effect and hold on the screen with your single finger and swipe it with the other finger until you reach the time tag. And there you go, add it to your story now!

4.    Ask for verification – secure it

Well for securing the login f your Snapchat from anywhere all you have to do is follow a two-step based procedure. Go ahead and add a phone number to your given account and opt for the settings where you may select the login verification and turn it to be enabled! Now who ever tries to access your account, you are eventually going to receive a text message! See, Snapchat is now so secure!

5.    Soundtrack can now be added to your Snap!

Snapchat tips and tricks

You wanna make your Snapchat video much more entertaining buddy? You want to add up some rocking music? Then what are you waiting for? Get your music icon tapped and play the most ravishing song, just switch back to your Snapchat app and start capturing the video you want to. And there you go, with your video Snap having music of your desire!

6.    Add a profile GIF

Interested in adding up a profile GIF? Well just swipe below your screen from the very top of the screen to get the Snap code you have, you’ll see the Snap ghost. Well just tap the ghost ad you’ll be able to have your mug in the viewfinder. Just hit the button to shutter and there you get a bundle of five selfies turned in a GIF!

7.    Get your captions spiced up!

Snapchat tips and tricks

After you engage your pen icon to include the caption within Snapchat you are immediately granted an elementary font which has a qualifications all over ones impression. Nevertheless if you engage your pen some more times, you receive more substantial, centered word. You can also go with a coloration on the color palette within the major suitable, put emoji using the sticky note icon in addition to switch, resize in addition to transfer ones enhancements.

8.    Location filters may be enabled

When you have considered an image you can add filtration systems which include time, temperature and many color overlays to your Snap in your Snapchat by simply swiping left, although are you aware that gleam check out container regarding position filtration systems within Controls. Make it possible for that to provide location facts to your Snaps.

9.    Verify your email address

Snapchat tips and tricks

If you are comparatively a new comer to Snapchat then it’s a good idea to evaluate this adjustments to be certain you do have a verified email address contact info affixed for your requirements, also to evaluation the revolutionary conditions and terms associated with Snapchat program (there are actually a number of improvements to your obvious identify along with other data, so it is value maintaining in order to date).

10.   Get your own Story!

Having stories on your Snapchat means capturing the moment to get it fun filled whenever we have a look at it, as Snapchat allows your friends only to have a look at your story for 24 hours and then it eventually vanishes. So when you desire to see which friend of yours has seen your story, just tap the plus sign in the square box beside the My Story, this will save it under the stories and by having a tap on the eye ball illustrated at the right side you may view all your friends who had a look at it!