Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review – Magnificent in every way

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Rise of the Tomb Raider has been an insanely amazing game for me since my childhood when I used to play the original. It’s a Lara Croft game that has struck me since the very first time I discovered it. It covers the most amazing battles on ground with a mixture of an exotic environment rolled along the sidelines. In fact the side benefit would also include engaging puzzles which not only made it fun to play but brought out the better in me – taught me to rack my brain and think out of the box.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

It’s is a top class sci-fi genre that provokes an emotional bond between the player and the fighter Lara. The plotline revolves around Lara is in search for an artifact which will grants immortality. Rise of the Tomb Raider at its best depicts how Lara, a character played by the most brilliantly versatile actress, Camilla Luddington; tried to find her through this difficult relationship she has with her father’s left behind ghosts.

Every moment is Lara’s spotlight which she avails with using her sixth sense for generalizing danger and her strong motives. She’s bright and talented with an intriguing ambition for reaching her goals successfully. But her last adventure petrifies her to a point where she unable to get herself out of tangled situations which involve various sentiments of self depreciation and yet, it doesn’t affect her ever glowing persona.

However, this time there’s something different about Lara; it’s not about survival, its determination. This time two years back it was different. But now she’s morphed into an upbeat fight back fighter. That proves how I wasn’t affected much when she had injuries and blood shedding wounds after her battles. Although I did feel there was a tinge of hope she was losing because of her blood sheds.

The cast of Rise of the Tomb Raider was extremely disappointing. They were underdeveloped. But I’m happy to say that the game covered more of Lara than her brutal enemies. To talk about these two – I’m tempted to give you spoilers but that’ll just ruin it for you, not to mention there will be great ball of all exciting things on the game that’ll keep you engaged with it for a long time.

Implement Your Game

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

Lara’s role has been more upgraded now. She has more variety in her tool, including wire spool for latching onto hooks while airborne and arrows to climb up buildings, cliffs, mountains and high/tall infrastructure. This ensures her mandatory and supposed airplane mode to always be on so she can generalize her stay off the ground for a longer period of time. In like manner there were some scary fidgeting moments where I lost track of which keys to press for getting me out a situation.

There was a lot of coverage on Lara’s use of ropes and puzzles. Most of the times it was me completely perplexed as to how I should be handling a situation. There were times I was lost and unable to resolve matters using these ropes, as well as furiously fretting over how I couldn’t comprehend what step to take next.

The previous puzzles are in no way close to how outstandingly remarkable the new ones are. They require a lot of thinking, additionally they’re great are because it actually makes you feel like you’re on a mission to solve these. Apart from the fun of it, they’re very interesting as well.

Furthermore, my one and only complain would be the shortage of puzzles. There should’ve been more of them considering how I would constantly find myself wrapping up fights on the battle field just so I could help myself to another piece of puzzle which as a matter of fact didn’t have enough exposure as compared to the rest of the things.

Dirty Gaming

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

Since the new Lara is shown to be outrageous her gaming system has reached a whole new level. There has been an addition in the weaponry scale. Now she can actually build nail bombs, smoke bombs, Molotov cocktails and special ammo while on the fly. How cool is that? And the aftermath of all of this results in a meltdown of her antagonists in seconds. It’s exciting to see it how it spears to be so wicked and nasty adding a whole new morbid vibe to it.

This game is a sore touchdown. It makes it a lot of better with the addition of Lara’s new military equipment that tends to fixture a stronger woman character and able to handle all the foreseeable fights she’d come across. Meanwhile, also to consider all the XP bonuses you’d achieve through it.

Euphorically endures where Lara has reached. Stronger, sharper and more confident than before. Her character has greatly improved and mobilized.

Strike me

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

An awful lot of appreciation goes to the way it is single handedly arranged, the imagination put behind those crafts hands down deserves all the credit there is to it. Given how the shady stuff can give you not only spooks but shivers down you spines too. It’s catchy and fantastic work. The villains are an immense work of art. You can never imagine who might pop out of the closet. Where in the cave a skeleton is waiting for you and what holds in the deepest pits of ocean for you. It’s uncanny and brilliant.

But what’s the fun of playing by yourself right? Rise of the Tomb gives you an opportunity to have a two player as well. No fun in mastering something if you have an incentive of slaying someone.

Had Rise of the Tomb Raider been a real life experience I would’ve been a millionaire. It’s fun and enjoyable to play this game if you get rewards which motivate you into playing more and give you an incentive to agree for a new mission. The trick of rewards is that it keeps you going irrespective of the hardships and obstacles that you come across.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

My Word        

This Rise of the Tomb Raider has endless mysteries and a powerful gaming zone. You can work your way around complicated things and level yourself to the main character in hopes of sharpening your insights and reflexes. I would give a 9/10, so hold it tight and jump in.