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Remove your app data and app cache in Android 6 with few easy steps

Placement of buttons for purpose of clearing the app caches and data is one of the alterations that took place between Android 6.0 and 5.0.

The purpose of app cache is to accumulate components of apps or websites, in order for them to be loaded within minimum time in case of next requirement. In Android 6.0 apps such as Google Maps, Chrome, and many others, the cached data can occupy most of your storage space laying a lot of burden on the RAM of your device and thus, make your device’s performance slower than usual.

App data includes both, cache and other forms of saved information such as log-in and preference settings within the app itself. Most of the times you would require to free some space from your device in order to release burden and increase the performance speed of your device. In that case, follow the steps mentioned below that will lead you to clearing your app cache and data:


Step 1: Proceed to the Settings menu. Do this by clicking the cog icon in your notification part.

Step 2: Search Apps in the menu and then trace the app that you would like to clear the cache or data for.

Step 3: Click on Storage and then buttons for clearing the cache and app data will become visible to you.

Google Play Store provides you with certain apps that are there to execute this operation for you. However, clearing you cache again and again will not boost your speed as much as promised or as you might expect from those apps. While, if you are executing this operation manually without using any apps then you will only be able to clear caches or data from those apps that you identify as storage hogs, and avoids the need of adding yet another app to your collection.