Paris attack current developments

Paris attacks current developments [Photos]

As we all are well aware with the intense and dramatic terror attack lately took place in Paris, we are here going to have a keen look at the sequential and latest developments that are being made in the investigation of the Paris terror attack:

Paris Attack latest update

  • Three progressive and immense raids were steered by the Police; an apartment that is the home of the State de France national sports arena, secondly, in the northern Parisian suburb of Saint Denis apartment, and the last one was apparently a Church, that is the site of one of Friday’s attack.
  • Authorities claimed that two of the suspects were killed as one of those was a terror suspect and the other one was a female suicide bomber who eventually blew herself.
  • Seven people were arrested and from those the authorities were not able to identify them instantly.
  • CNN was told by the Police sources, that the apparent raids were just on the time because it was observed and imagined that the suspects were planning some kind of a terror operation.
  • A senior Belgian counter terrorism official mad the CNN know, that the raids were actually embattled the ringleader of such terror attack named Abdelhamid Abaaoud. It was also told that the authorities were not even sure of what exact location was Abaaoud located.
  • Police commented, that five of their officers were badly injured along a police dog, who was killed.
  • Paris police keenly told CNN that the raids were eventually centered on two apartments which were located on the same street and the raid made on one led to the other apartment somehow.
  • Five or six explosions were happened at the location, this was claimed by a CNN’s reporter Atika Shubert. But it wasn’t visible enough that whether those were controlled or not.

Much intense look on the developments

Paris Attack latest update

These are actually not all, as this is such a painful and immense attack on humanity we look upon further more detailed enhancements made in the development. There are several other that are gradually taking place. The further more developments are:

Paris Attack latest update 3

  • After the bomb threats two Air France flights left for Paris. One departed from Washington Dulles International Airport and the other one moved from Los Angeles. These flights were then shifted to Halifax, Scotia and Salt Lake City. But both the flights were observed and checked, and were proved to be safe – said by the officials.
  • Syrians have been strongly disliked by a number of U.S. governors, and they strictly doesn’t want any Syrian to be a part of their very own state. President Barack Obama disapproved all of them by commenting that he is not able to think of a more compelling staffing tool for ISIS.
  • Now we also came across that the cell phones have been recovered from the attack of Paris that Friday, and it was encountered to believe that they were the attacker’s phones, and it’s now a possibility that they could get into the devices and get the suspects unrevealed. It was found that the device apparently belonged to the terror suspects as one of the last message that was traced out said “OK, we’re ready.”, but there was no trace found for the receiver or any other such information that could be a helping one.
  • In the last 72 hours, almost 33 ISIS members have been brutally murdered by French and other such military airstrikes. The observatory made a comment that “Dozens of ISIS leaders and their families” are migrating to Raqqa, in Northern Syria.

Who are the terror attackers?

Paris Attack latest update

The question that points right after this in our mind is who are they? Who is killing humanity? What do they actually want?

Well the officials of Germany claimed that even they aren’t well known to these queries and they haven’t made any arrests in Hannover, Germany which was right away evacuated before a match of Germany against Netherlands on Tuesday.

Even after this the security was fired because of this, and there was a minute of silence in the following respect.