New Cortana vs Siri vs Google now

New Cortana vs Siri vs Google now – which one is better

As we all are well aware that the IPhone, Windows and Android has been the most acknowledged ones. We’ll be concentrating in the basic AI interface of these comparatives and decide which one is better to be claimed superior to other. Though the interface is quite different from each other of these three phones but users are looking more towards the artificial intelligence. Let’s get started.

Virtual assistance is needed, right?

New Cortana vs Siri vs Google now

Siri: We have been known that the iOS 8 bought a clear and bright change in the functionality of Siri, and it has been rated as the most effective and the best virtual assistant, in 2014 it was officially ranked as the number 1.

Cortana: Apple is in a competition with Cortana that has been introduced by Microsoft. It is considered to be a smooth and powerful tech that is no doubt attracting the users, It is even available on windows 8.1 and is smoothly being functioned.

Google Now: The personal virtual assistant Google Now or Ok Google is the most simplest as it is the only virtualization assistant that can be triggered by just saying Ok Google. It is available for being used on all the android smart phones with the version of 4.4.


The features of Siri, Cortana and Google Now are quite effective that is:

New Cortana vs Siri vs Google now

The picture clearly demonstrates the basic features which are equipped by Siri, Cortana and Google Now.

Voice Recognition

These three have the most amazing voice recognition qualities, that is they clearly responds to the query of whatever is asked to be viewed.
Google Now as is described to be the most simplest, recognizes at the voice of OK Google.

New Cortana vs Siri vs Google now

Within the comparison, Siri and Cortana doesn’t provide such ease but simply perfectly respond to the saying and command given through the voice by pressing and getting hold of the button that is directly a part of the hardware.

Though Siri is the strongest virtual assistant but Google now is considered as the least capable voice assistant. And Cortana is just close to Siri. To sum up, Cortana must be the best among these three to be get hold of.

Number of the questions answered

New Cortana vs Siri vs Google now

The virtual voice assistants would be just useless if we do not get the appropriate answers of the questions that we make, The main and major purpose of these assistants are to provide us with the accurate answer of whatever query we make.

Response and Activation

Voice Activation

People mostly prefer the voice recognizing material when theyre not in a mood to use their hands to get something acquire.

Google Now is the most powerful in this aspect since just by saying Ok Google can let you have it anytime. Both Cortana and Siri are going to be featured similarly. Now the drawback that has been noticed is that it is only available for high end phones mean. The winner is surely to be Siri.

Touch Activation

Holding up the button and getting accessed with Siri is the assistant that asks for your input. Cortana asks for the holding up of magnifying glass shaped search icon that appears on the main front screen without even going up for unlocking with the hard and critical passwords or patterns. Google Search app can be hold up to get the Google Now activated.

The most feasible and strong one in this aspect is considered to be Siri.

Interface for Configuration


New Cortana vs Siri vs Google now

The holding up of the bezel and asking Siri to get activated, brings up a wavy line colored white on the screen asking you to input the question you want to make.

  • Phone: for making any call.
  • App Launching: to launch particular app.
  • Messages: For texts.
  • Maps: for directions.


New Cortana vs Siri vs Google now

Cortana is very well functioned by Microsoft, that is you will get tired of listening to, but it wont get exhaust of telling you. Cortana is going to ask you of certain and general stuff, and will be a good one to get interacted with. You can be comfortable with the interaction being held and get the appropriate and relevant answers.

Google Now

New Cortana vs Siri vs Google now

Google Now can be enabled by the search icon available. You may acquire the proper search by finding answers to questions like, what is cyber security? The Google Now will let yu sort results at the bottom of the page for videos, shopping, new, books, maps and what not.

Siri is considered to be the most powerful one, and is claimed as the winner. Whereas Cortana and Siri has a way tough competition and Google Now holds up the second position.