List of Xbox 360 games coming for Xbox one [Backwards compatible]

The coming weeks are going to be joyous for all Xbox fans out there. You know why, right? Yes, its because of the release of Fallout 4 on the horizon along with that Microsoft’s Xbox one will be looking forward to collect its huge and biggest update thus far.

This time the brand new Windows 10-powered dashboard update will be gifted to Microsoft’s Xbox One on 12th of November. Other than this we already know that the machine will be provided Xbox 360 backwards ability, it’s a part of that upgrade, but with that ability being provided by the software, all games won’t actually work. The new update has basically restricted the number of titles that will be playable.

Although we don’t yet know about the games which will be compatible with the Xbox One, and we don’t have an official news on that. Though a source claims to have managed to somehow get that official list of the titles which will have the ability to be played but we surely can’t believe it unless its authentically verified by the Microsoft, isn’t it? So well, I guess we just have to wait until Microsoft announces itself about the list.

Xbox Dynasty!

Xbox one

The source that claims to have that list is Xbox Dynasty, and it has already published that list and confidently says that it is precise and this list of the Xbox 360 titles will definitely work on the new backwards compatibility coming with Xbox One’s November 12th dashboard upgrade. Well, according to what is heard, this list may not be comprehensive and it even may be downright wrong, we don’t know yet but we soon will. To get the accurate news about these titles, we don’t have to wait long because Microsoft has given us the date which is 12th of November on which the accurate and authentic list will be released. So sit back, relax and don’t think much because soon we will be out of this desolation, haha.

For a moment if we consider this list of be precise then well congratulations to the fans of Halo franchise because they are soon to be extremely thrilled to know that the entire Xbox 360’s Halo titles are companionable, as well as classics for instance BioShock and Saints Row. There are a few titles in the list which is definitely going to shock you, and some are less likely to turn us excited.  Until and unless Microsoft officially announces the list itself, we should keep calm, shouldn’t we? We just have to wait and see how much the list of Xbox Dynasty is going as accurate as they claim it is.

Compatibility Declared!

Few of the games which are claimed to be compatible are mentioned below.

Xbox One

And a lot more exciting titles are yet to come. Good luck, gamers!