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Instagram vs Snapchat – which app is best for your Selfie

Well, Instagram and Snapchat are two fun, interactive photo applications without a doubt and has a certain popularity when it comes to taking selfies. People use Instagram and Snapchat frequently and these are the most used photo apps. Deciding which app is going to offer you with better selfie results is one serious choice of consideration for nowadays teenagers. Well, you can decide it all by yourself but for that you got to keep reading and then you can judge it yourself.


Apart from the aptitude of sharing of pictures Instagram and Snapchat have more things in common. They also have the similarity in how they both attract and appeal the younger age groups or the teenagers. Large number of young age people use these apps on daily basis and are kind of addicted to it as well. If you really want to decide and judge that which app suits you and your needs, you should definitely read about the important metrics for both Instagram and Snapchat.

Snapchat Metrics:

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Snapchat was officially launched in 2011, but it started happening only lately that people started using it as a marketing tool as well.

As discussed before too, Snapchat is frequently used and it has like almost 100 million daily active users, oh damn, that’s a lot of amount of people, along with this there are about 400 million snaps per day. More than that 60% of the users of Snapchat are in United States and area about 13 to 34 years old and 37% are in between 18 and 24 years old.

Snapchat is mostly used and are popular among college students: 77% of them use it on daily basis. Only 2% of snapchat is used by people for marketing issues.

Instagram Metrics:


The official launching on Instagram took place one year before Snapchat that is 2010. Amazingly, Instagram took up steam and it became popular among people in no time, especially since Instagram was purchased by Facebook.

Instagram is widely used all around the world and fascinatingly it has 400 million monthly users and there are more than 80 million photos which are posted daily on Instagram. Instagram, as well is popular mostly among young people and teenagers. According to the research about 53% of Instagram users are 18 to 29 years old. Instagram has its own privacy settings and contents, not all content on Instagram is public, unless you want it to be public, Instagram is one of the most used and safe apps for the teenagers in today’s world.

Selfies on Snapchat


Snapchat is mainly about taking snaps and sending it your friends, maybe individually or share it on your snapchat story so that your entire contact list can have a look at it. Talking about snapchat, which is used a lot lately, has less filters after taking a selfie but the thing that attracts people most about snapchat is the style of adding text on your selfie. That text helps you tell people about your picture, for instance where you are? What you are doing? Who are you with? People using snapchat are widely contented about the selfie capturing option of snapchat and are using it on daily basis.

Selfies on Instagram


Instagram Is all about sharing your experiences to all the people around the world. You can take pictures on instagram as well as share the pictures you already had. The option of selfies on instagram is widely loved by its users and is used on a large scale on daily basis. Instagram offers you a wide range of filters which is liked by the customers. Well instagram helps you share you moment and your current moods along with a ravishing picture or you can say selfie.

Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is all about taking snaps and sharing it with your friends and the people you socialize with. Snapchat allows you to take pictures with you phone’s camera, note that the pictures or videos are not professional but taken from a regular phones camera.  Along with this, snapchat offers you the opportunity to edit your pictures and also insert a small text or caption, you can say to your picture which actually looks quite attractive.

When you capture and send an image, it only appears for 10 seconds and then vanishes, this way it is harder for the person you sent the image to, to save it which is actually a very good thought.

Snapchat literally and entirely depends upon timing. The businesses done on snapchat are well executed understand how to strap up good timing and exigency in promotions.

Businesses using Snapchat.

Snapchat Is frequently used in today’s world for fun and socializing, but it can also be used for other purposes like marketing and businesses. Businesses are literally done well on snapchat, for instance, Taco Bell, GrubHub and 16 Handles.

Talking about Taco Bell, which knows their target audience well, followed users to snapchat. Taco Bell is known to send out stories at late night when people are actually getting bored on snapchat and the college students have the snacks. Keeping in mind that nowadays teenagers sleep late at night and almost no one sleeps at normal hours, this was one heck of a brilliant idea, and this is the idea that actually led them to success.

Talking about 16 Handles, a frozen yogurt shop which is based in New York, it ran a successful marketing campaign on Snapchat to get more followers and to spread their news all around. The users were asked to send snaps of them eating their frozen yogurt and in return that person would get a free coupon. The users were also requested not to open the snap until they are in the store because the coupon was there for a short period of time and it would have vanished away.

Well, to be honest, this promotion worked like something for the 16 Handles. It resulted in increased sales and so many new users which were influenced by these snaps and captions saying “delicious” or “amazing.’

Instagram Marketing

This is one of the most amazing applications which is used to share images and videos to your friends or people you socialize with. After people start following you, your content shows up on their news feed and they get to know what you are up to. Users can be engaged publicly by sharing, liking or commenting in the content you posted. Instagram was lately started as a business website which has the ability to reach a million people which has a huge marketing potential by the help of just one little click, amazing isn’t it?

Just like Twitter, Instagram also utilizes hashtags. With the help of hashtags it makes it easy to connect with relevant users who are concerned with what you are discussing about and produce a chat with and about your brand with just the help of a hashtag.

Businesses using Instagram

Many companies or markets use Instagram as their marketing place, for instance Lush cosmetics, Ben and Jerry’s and Starbucks and many more.

Talking about Lush cosmetics it may be slightly a small brand but they have done an amazing job with their Instagram marketing business.  All they do is share behind-the-scenes images of their team which includes the pictures f making their products by their own hands which is something which is loved by the customers all around the world. Lush posts videos on their Instagram and uses custom and decent hashtags, for instance, “#Iushoween.” which really helps them to increase engagement.