siri on Apple TV 4

How to use siri on Apple TV 4 for unregistered countries

As we know that the functionality of Siri is supported in the new Apple TV in a certain number of countries only because of the complexity it has to be used, that it is, it needs to train people more than needed in aspect of pronouncing the names. But wait, if you are in those countries that are not yet supporting this functionality, then don’t be in so distress, because of you eagerly want to try it out yourself, you are going to get the path for it.

Get started with something new

Now if you have a deep and strong will to experience the virtual functionality of Siri on the new Apple TV then here are some basic and useful steps which can help you to get your wish fulfilled, even if you are not located in the registered countries where this is officially being experienced. So, let’s get started.

siri on Apple TV 4

The First Step: Just grab your new-fangled Siri Remote, and tap the option of Settings.

The Second Step: Now as you are in the settings, all you have to do is change the language mode of your new Apple TV from what so ever it is to English. The steps are further explained in details:

Settings > General > Language And Region > Language. Get it Changed and move onto the next step.

The Third Step: Okay, so now what you have to do, is move onto Settings > Accounts > ITunes and App Store > Preferences > Location. Here, you must select the location of your Apple TV to one of those eight countries where Siri is being experienced as a registered functionality, those countries are, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Spain, Japan, France or Germany.

The Fourth Step: Then, sign in with an Apple ID that is of U.S, hey, if you don’t have any don’t you worry, just create one, that’s not something to worry about. Move to Settings > ITunes and App Store.

siri on Apple TV 4

Any overseas Apple Keep ID, one will come with handy at a later stage way too. You never learn while something will probably be live in the U.S App Store, request keep however nowhere fast more, as an example.

The Fifth Step: Now, well my friend you are there already! But to get this functionality in work, you have to restart your Apple TV so that the changes may be implied to your Apple TV. Go to your Settings > System > Restart and there you go! If you’ve followed the above steps appropriately then you’ll not face any problem and you will be visible to the Siri option that will lay under Settings > General > Siri. Just turn it ‘On’, and have a new experience on your new Apple TV.