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How to manage or remove your Apple TV apps

How to arrange, delete Apple TV apps

App icons on an Apple TV can be effortlessly arranged just like every other iOS device. When you commence the task of downloading app on your Apple TV, you would require the need for reorganizing the appearance of TV. This activity will make sure that you have your preferred apps right in front of you on the TV.

Dissimilar from preceding-generation Apple TV, fourth-generation allows you to shift apps in and out of the top-shelf. This option was formerly held in reserve for Apple’s personal apps. Sadly, you will no longer be able to delete Apple’s apps from your new TV.

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Once you have highlighted an app’s icon on your Apple TV, push and cling to the trackpad on the Apple TV’s remote awaiting that icon to start jiggling. Swiping the trackpad crossways will shift the app’s icon on your Apple TV. When you have arrived at your desired location, tick the trackpad again to confirm your progress.

You can delete an app from your TV in the similar way.

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Deleting an app from your Apple TV starts the same way: emphasize the app icon, then push and grasp the trackpad until the icon starts stirring. Then, push the Play/Pause button on the TVs remote. Verify that you would like to delete the app on the subsequent display of Apple TV.

Ways to quickly switch between, close apps on the new Apple TV

Multitasking is also quite alike on all iOS devices, including, Apple TV. There is not much difference.

The app store for the new TV is becoming extremely occupied with time and is expected to crowd even more in the future. There is a very high chance of you switching between apps on you Apple TV just as you do on your iPhone or Mac.

In order to make things easier and efficient for yourself by multitasking, instead of switching back and forth between home screen and apps, you can easily double-click the home button on TV’s remote to activate the mode.

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Thumbnails of current apps will be demonstrated, and can be chosen by rolling horizontally throughout them. Push the trackpad on the Apple TV remote to launch an app.

Moreover, you can shut down any freshly used apps by swiping up on the Apple TV remote.