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How to fix touchpad problems on Windows 10

Despite the easy installation of Windows 10 on laptops, the touchpad stops working efficiently. Those of you who do not have touch screen laptops and your touchpad starts creating problems after the installation of windows 10, follow this guide and it might help you solve your problems relating to touch pad.

Make sure your touchpad is enabled


Release the Settings menu and go off to Devices > Mouse & touchpad. roll down to the foot of the display and tick Additional mouse options.


The Mouse Properties windowpane will launch. Tick the tab farthest away to the right. Beneath Devices ensure to notice that your touchpad is not disabled. If it is then, hit off the touchpad to pick it and then click Enable.

Furthermore, observe if your laptop has a function key that allows and stop the touchpad. It must resemble a tiny touchpad with a slanting line through it.

Update your drivers

It has been quite a lot of time since the launch of windows 10 and that is why many touchpad makers have gotten the chance o update their devices. However, you might need to manually update and upgrade the driver.


This can be done via two ways. Firstly, right-click the Start button and open Control Panel. From the Control Panel windowpane, launch the Device Manager.

” will have your computer search the Internet for an updated driver.

With in the Device Manager settings. , go to Mouse and other pointing devices and look for your touchpad. Right-click on your touchpad and select Update Driver Software…


Your PC will ensure for updated driver software and make sure it updates that version.  However, if your PC is unable to do that job then you will have to do it manually. In order to do this step, visit your laptop manufacturer’s website and search their download portion. You’ll see the updated drivers here.

After the download is complete, install it. If this step fails to work. You will need to uninstall old drivers and then install and run the new one. In order to do this, revert to the Device Manager, right-click on your touchpad, and select Uninstall. Afterwards,  re-install the new driver and restart your computer if you feel the need to.