Nexus 5X

How to fix some major Nexus 5X issues

The Nexus 5X has hit markets now but with a few easily fixable detects. You can rely on us for lending you a helping hand in time of need. So let’s go over a few problems of Nexus 5X and fix them for you.

Nexus 5X Screen Issue

Nexus 5X

A few people claim that Nexus 5X has a yellow tint but like all other phones it also has a color bias.

If Nexus 5X shows a tinge of yellow shade know that something’s fishy. Likewise, we’re too sorry to say that you’ll have to purchase a new phone because you won’t be able to fix this yourself although take notice that every phone could have a color bias only it depends which phone and how much.

Nexus 5X hangs and has a low pace

Nexus 5X

The only reason Nexus 5X is causing you problems is because of its initial software bugs with android 6.0 Marshmallow. But this is a temporary fault which won’t retain for long. You can use Google or your friends in order to be in touch with latest software version for the 5X.

If you haven’t received the last updates you can log onto facebook and ask our Nexus 5X problems. And even then if it doesn’t work out for you, just restart your phone or go to a local store near where they can flash your phone.

When pictures don’t turn out the way you expect

Nexus 5X

When you first take pictures they might turn out to be upside down. However, you can deal with this by going into settings and using the rotating option in accordance to however you want your pictures to be arranged like. But this is how it’ll work. You can’t undo the upside down images. You’ll just fix them.

The cause of this problem is due to the factor that developers of Nexus 5X used the old camera API. If you want to fix it, just drop the idea of using the same app and select a different one.

Nexus 5X Battery defaults


If you’re being infuriated or disturbed by the continuous battery problem and think you’ve been deceived then let me assure you that the Nexus 5X battery doesn’t have a huge capacity. Also, need you lower the excessive use on it seeing how the less it’s in use, the more affective it’ll be.