iOS 9

How to hide your apps in iOS 9 without any jailbreak

iOS 9 could be quite troublesome to handle at times especially when it comes to apps, we all need wish that we must be able to hide apps in our iOS 9 as everyone is kind of possessive and personal with their gadgets, but honestly iOS 9 has never entertained us with any such ability and neither will it ever. Now for those who are using jail broken gadgets, here’s a good news for you as we are here with a number of twists which will provide the iOS users to make your device even more secure by hiding the apps you desire from the IPhone or your IPad main screen. But wait, if you don’t have a jail broken one, you don’t have to be upset bro, because here is something useful for you which may let you disappear and hide few apps without even having your device jailbroken!

We are going to work with iOS 9, which was earlier for iOS 8 and iOS 7.

Get your app hidden!

As you have your own personal device you may want to make it even more secure by letting some apps hidden as it’s not something you want to share with people who get hold of your device. Well, go through the following simplest flow f step and let your apps be hidden even after being successfully installed.

Let’s start the Flow

how to hide your apps in iOS 9

Consider to follow the following steps:

First Step: To get started with this feature you may get hold of two wallpapers, let it be one white and the other one grey as it will make it easy to have a trial. Pick any one of both, or you may choose both of them as well, and get them saved in your Camera Roll using iOS 9.
Second Step: Use the Still setting selected and get one of the two wallpapers applied on your device.

Third Step: Now, Go into the icon of settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast. Now make sure that if you have opt for the gray color wallpaper then Reduce Transparency must be toggled. And if it’s white there, then toggle it off!

Fourth Step: Now move on to your Home Screen of your iOS 9 device and get a new folder created with a blank name. Including all the apps that you desire to be hidden. Edit the folder and fill it with blank spaces in order to have a blank name.

Fifth Step: Now you may view that the folder you acquire is with no name, and the certain background must have been extinct.

Sixth Step: To develop the blank icons, get your App Store of iOS 9 in business and install the App Icons Free.

Seventh Step: Get your new app of App Icons Free loaded, and hit the Create Icon and then Go To Link button before selecting Photo > Camera Roll.

Eighth Step: Get your previous selected wallpaper chosen that is saved in your Camera Roll.

Ninth Step: Enter a period in the top mentioned URL field, and the field visible at the bottom of the given icon paste the exact same blank spaces that were used for the name of the folder. Hit Install and then Install it again!

Tenth Step: These steps must be successively followed for inserting the icon to your iOS 9 device’s home screen.

Eleventh Step: As your blank icon is right there created for you, make it a part of your folder and then drag the apps that you desire to hide onto a page other than the first one.

IOS 9 Sum Up!

What you ought to right now always be eventually left using is often a folder in which totally integrates with while using the Residence screen’s wall picture thanks to your clear star within it. Tapping your invisible folder after which it swiping up to the 2nd webpage regarding blog can reveal anything you’re looking to cover. It’s magic, although it’s really a bit flaky using iPhone 6s additionally or maybe iPhone 6 additionally thanks to their own differing screen file sizes along with where they took care of directories.