Apple TV 4

Here are the best games and top apps for Apple TV 4

The clients who prearranged for their fourth generation Apple TV have started to receive it starting from yesterday. Others have the chance of in-store acquisition via the retail store of Apple and Best Buy.

Initially, Apple was not taking the idea of Apple TV seriously. It was only a side project, not meant to be a big one, but as soon as it was launched Apple has started paying more attention to it, giving the best set-top box maturity.

The Apple TV performs on brand new OS which is named, tvOS, and even has its personal app store and SDK, as compared to the former monotony. Apple TV’s very own app store and SDK enables developers to design apps specifically for Apple TV that can enrich your experience. The app store for Apple TV is already occupied with all-new apps and games.

In order to save your energy and time we are giving you the names of the best apps and games available for Apple TV.



Netflix ought to be the main motivation behind you buying an Apple TV 4. With its valuable presentation of excessive top quality and ranking TV shows and movies for you, Netflix has every reason to be on the top of our list that you need to install ASAP on your Apple TV 4.

Netflix comes among the very few video sources that will be able to run on universal search feature of Apple TV 4.



Netflix alone is not going to be enough to provide for your TV watching needs and cravings. In that case, Hulu is a good option as it contains major TV shows that are aired in US. It comes one step ahead of Netflix when talking about interface which is more user-friendly to cruise around using Sire remote.

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved

Geometry wars 3

Talking about games now, Geometry Wars 3 is the best game that you should install on your Apple TV. It has graphics enterprise and gaming potential of Apple TV 4. This game is also compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac, focuses on 3D vector graphics and an electronica soundtrack which has the ability to make you stick to it for hours.

Activision is contributing a solo united version of the app for iOS and Apple TV with cloud sync feature. Lastly, this app is priced at $2.99.

Asphalt 8

Apple TV 4

If you are a fan of racing games and would love to enjoy it on your Apple TV then Gameloft’s Asphalt 8 is the perfect game for you to install. To please the new customers of Apple TV, Gameloft efficiently harbored over its game to the Apple TV 4 set-top box.

The impressive graphics of this game will enrich your experience even more when you play it on your HDTV. It is also bearable to use Siri remote as a controller, as compared to others. One plus point is that the game also features Bluetooth controller support, making it possible for you to use a third-party remote. Because of the 200MB per-app download restriction though, the load periods of the game is great on the Apple TV 4.

Shoot the Zombirds

Apple Tv 4

Shoot the Zombirds, is worth a try if you are mood for some spontaneous shooting game on your set-top box. All you have to do is enjoy shielding your pumpkins against zombie’d birds using a crossbow, with numerous additional hindrances approaching you all the time. This app is marked at $0.99

Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure

Alto’s Adventure, is also ready to launch itself on Apple TV. It is basically a runner game with a physics-based gameplay, which is one of the best games on iOS so far.

Apple TV version of this game has not yet been launched on app store, but it is supposed to happen soon enough. The game compatible for both controllers, Siri and third-party. Payment needs to be made once that is, $2.99. With sustenance for cloud sync, you will also be able to easily carry over your advancement from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV 4 and the other way around.



Dissimilar from preceding generations of Apple TV, the YouTube app is not loaded on Apple TV 4 beforehand. In its place, you are required to download the app from the App Store. The benefit of this is that Google will now be able to frequently upgrade the app with all-new features.

YouTube might not feature any TV shows or movies from throughout the world, but it still has entertainment stuff that will keep you engaged for hours.

SketchParty TV

sketchparty tv

This app costs $6.99. This game supports multiplayer on your new Apple TV 4, give SketchParty TV a try, it is worth it. The game includes one team predicting what the opposing team is drawing. This game necessitates that your iPhone or iPad is linked to the similar Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV 4 to work correctly.

The iOS version of the app will labor with Apple TV 4, though the update is yet to come.

Galaxy on Fire Manticore Rising

galaxy on fire 3

Developer Deep Silver Fishlabs has functioned to transport Manticore Rising on your Apple TV 4. The graphic of the game have been enhanced to use A8 chip inside the fourth generation Apple TV, to its fullest. A witness to its quality is that the game is displayed by Apple on the Apple TV 4 product listing page on its website.

Galaxy On Fire Manticore Rising is available solely on the Apple TV 4.



HBO’s streaming facility offers you with admittance to shows like Games of Thrones, True Detective, Entourage, and many more. It is so great that even Netflix and Hulu do not stand a chance against it.