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Google’s new app who’s down is a challenge for swarm

Who’s down is the most recent and cool app released by Google which has made it a lot more convenient for friends to find out who is free and ready to hang out at any particular time. The app needs an invite for it to become accessible and ready to use. The best part about this app is that it is compatible with both, iOS and android so, in this way there are no restrictions, anyone can easily use it.

Who’s down can be made useful if the user is available with who’s down for question. Moreover, the conclusion of that sentence is completed by the choice of famous selections or routine entry. That particular question is then passed on to that user’s friends. Then friend’s mobile phones replies, using who’s down, depending on a button that decides if they are ready to hang out or not. This immediately sends out a record of friends of the user who are ready and have passed on the invite.


The thought behind who’s down is to chop down the amount of messages being sent out just to discover something straightforward. Moreover, a chat option is also provided on who’s down.

Google’s who’s down is in open competition with Swarm, a location-based app that was released by Foursquare. However, who’s down has stolen most of Swarm’s show and is now the main app for such activities. But, no one can be really sure about who’s down and its life span not to mention, its lousy invite system which should be abandoned altogether.


You can even start over from the official website at to apply for an invite for yourself and start making quick hang out plans with your friends right away!

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