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Evernote for iOS : Hands on

Evernote is an app that enables you to draw and write using your hands on Apple’s phones and tablets.

For all those people who prefer their hand writing over typing Evernote is a blessing in disguise. In many cases it is preferable to make notes or jot down points in one’s own hand writing because it makes it easier to memorize and understand those notes in future. On the other hand, typing might not prove to be very efficient in some cases as it is harder to type quickly using the small keypad. So, a simple solution for all of these mentioned problems is, Evernote.

There is also a most recent update of Evernote app for iOS which benefits the users in every way. Firstly, Evernote provides with the option to handwrite notes along with the managerial authority of Evernote backing them, this saves the users from all the mess that the actual paperwork makes. Plus, the added benefit of Evernote is that all your work is kept in an organized manner so that you do not have the risk of losing your precious documents. And you won’t need to carry around bundles of files and paperwork along with you. All your work remains safe with the Evernote.

Evernote iOS

The Evernote app for iPhone and iPad has been updated and now it comes along with more exciting features. Like, you will notice an icon of pen appear when you are creating a note. When you click that pen icon in Evernote, a blank canvas will appear with four variations of pen; pen, highlighter, eraser and selection tool. After you are done with the selection of your desire tap once more on the tool to choose from five line thicknesses and ten colors. Furthermore, clicking once more on the eraser tool makes the ‘Clear All’ option appears in front of you. The selection tool lets you loop your jotting or some part of them in order to shift them around on the page. This is how you work around your Evernote app.


Once you have saved your notes on Evernote be it, sketches or handwritten notes, they are resized to adjust inside the note of which they comprise of. Like I mentioned earlier, the note can either be a sketch or a handwritten note. If you need to make any changes in the existing sketches of a note, in your Evernote app, then simply tap on that particular sketch entrenched in a note to launch it back again.

The only thing that is restricted in Evernote is the option to zoom in and out when sketching even when it comes in really handy. On an iPad, the Adonit Jot Script 2 stylus assists handwriting with Evernote’s Penultimate app. This will help your handwriting look better than when you writ with your fingertip. Basically, it results in more mature writing.

Also the Evernote iOS update is compatible with split screen on the iPad. Evernote can be used in split screen mode on the iPad ProiPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4