delete a file from a Mac

This is the easiest way to delete a file from a Mac

The real and experimented method of deleting a file on a Mac is to simply click on it, drag in to the bin or right click on the file and select Move to trash. And when you think that the trash folder is actually really filled up, all you have to do is simply go there and empty it.

Apple has introduced a root to bypass the stuff that you do not need with OS X 10.11 EL Capitan, deleting a file from Mac – Delete Immediately. Now the question arises that is this ‘Delete Immediately’ more rapidly than Move to Trash. Well, we would have to compare them both then, let’s see.

Delete Immediately.

delete a file from a Mac

In order to access the Delete Immediately command on Mac, there are two simple ways. You can highlighted. The other way to use this is to open Finder’s File menu and hold down the option key, which would change to Move to Trash option in order to delete instantly. Whichever way you chose, a dialog window would appear on your screen and ask you if you to confirm your intention to delete the file you chose. This is the second step that asks for confirmation about the file you want to delete.

In order to move a file to the trash, you are supposed to drag it to the trash, right click on the file, and select Move to Trash. Or you can simply use the keyboard shortcut Command-Delete.

delete a file from a Mac

When you realize that the trash is full and you need to empty it, you can right click on the trash can and select Empty Trash. Other ways include using keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-Delete. in either case, you would have to confirm your steps to empty the trash.

Having confirmation steps so many times is irritating and quite annoying, so in order to get rid of it there are two ways. First way is the keyboard shortcut Command-Option-Shift-Delete; this empties the trash during the bypass confirmation dialog. You can even change a setting in Finder’s preferences in order to kill the empty trash confirmation, if you find that four-button keyboard shortcut difficult to remember.

delete a file from a Mac

In the Finder menu option in the menu bar, you will see Preferences, click that. On the Advanced tab, remove the tick or uncheck the box for Show warning before emptying the Trash.

Now, you are accessible for using the standard three-button keyboard shortcut to empty the trash without jumping through the extra ring of confirming your purpose.

It is a chance that you will accidently engages the command as the keyboard shortcut still involves the three buttons.

That’s something I feel like doing comfortably, for trashing files: Command-Delete to move to the trash and Command-Shift to empty the trash.