Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 – Not for noobs

The absolute volume of content in the Black Ops 3 is the attention grabber and is at its best, greatest seen in the whole of Call of duty game. Accumulation of exclusive Specialists makes all players more imperative individually, while enthusiasts of the game still anticipate depth from the multiplayer feature. Four player co-op selection and the new concentration on playing how you want campaign and Zombie modes are more entertaining, fulfilling and enthusiastic to play than they have ever been.

Mind Games

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Set in the not too distant future and having its set of own gibberish techno verbal, Black Ops 3 is a six hour story that transcends a player from a variety of experiences. It settles on DNI or Direct Neutral Interface, allowing humans to cerebrally interact with computers, armaments and other people. Presenting tremendous new capabilities and imperative new confinements to the game, DNI changed the experience of playing Call of Duty for all gamers.

Black Ops 3 failed to create an emotive connection between the character and the player before thrusting gamers into playing emotional play offs, thus failing to let the player fully establish a bond. The game explores some taboo and interesting topics like what happens when people no longer control their own thoughts etc., eventually concluding the answer to killing more robots.

Introducing some new utilities to Call of Duty, the game lets players experience enhanced versions and allow them to savor the play. Powers of choice help enhance up and individual battle abilities of players, a previously uncharted feature and style in Call of Duty. Charge ability helps players fly across combat zones at absurd rapidity, helping kill feebler enemies and astounding the big ones. To sneak into better shelter or for giving time to resuscitate downed associates, invisibility proved entertaining to be used by gamers.

All these new features and powers optimize and perform the best when there’s a group of two or more players playing together.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Many levels put up strategies and policies to help the players skim through the game smoothly. The environment, powers and co-operation fulfills players requirements in a way Call of Duty series has never before.

Powers are on a cooldown, so they don’t make Black Ops 3’s outstandingly refined shooting outmoded. By strategy or by chance, it often feels like powers come off cooldown right when a player’s guns ran out of ammunition. This lets the players continue the fight, find cover, or survive long enough for the player’s allies to save the day.

Without the new capabilities and skills, there is not much of a gameplay reason to replay the story. Black Ops 3’s enemies are diverse and experienced, but replaying few operation missions, the opponents acted pretty much the same as they did before thus making it unnecessary to replay a mission.

On a player’s first run, they’ll constrain to one style. On a second or third run, a player’s character will unravel the capability to switch between different power types in the mid of a mission, opening the door for great new combinations.

To survive the new “Realistic” struggle mode, where one bullet is often enough to take you out, using powers effectively and efficiently is pretty much obligatory if a player wants to even try. If a player wants to fight for every single inch, Realistic mode will take them through a perfect examination!

The Good Old Days

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Players were astonished and dissatisfied to find that many of the great high-mobility mechanics revealed for Black Ops 3’s multiplayer, such as firing while performing other actions or wall-running, at first seemed disabled in campaign. On closer inspection however they found them locked away in an odd part of the tech tree.

On one hand it’s praiseworthy that the game wants to give us the option to ignore the new mobility skills and play a more classic style of Call of Duty – there’s even a tech advancement that allows players to pick up any armament they find, just like the old days. On the other, it would’ve been better if they weren’t so easy to miss that players didn’t even get a double-jump for their whole first play through.

In multiplayer, players have a thruster pack irrespective of their loadout – similar but different enough from last year’s Advanced Warfare that learning to use it effectively was a new challenge.

The innovative thruster pack arrangements feel charming, easy to control, and offer tons of accuracy. They’re great for racing down or escaping from enemies, reaching aims rapidly, and piloting levels without overrunning the target. Because players can always fire their weapon, there’s often no need to think twice about bouncing off walls enthusiastically. Being out of cover makes a player a big target, but at least they are a target who can fight back. This makes for reckless and quick clashes that can jolt off at any time and from any angle, thanks to maps that were built with enough paths and shortcuts to make use of a player’s expertise.

Multifaceted gestures like running along a wall, firing at an enemy, and then hopping to a different wall are problematic to perfect, but Black Ops 3 includes four excellent American Gladiators-style Free Run courses to test a player’s skills separate from live multiplayer. It records their best conclusion times too.

Everyone Is Special

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Black Ops 3’s inexpensive multiplayer brings back the same consistent Pick-10 loadouts, which let players select 10 weapon attachments, perks and more to take into battle. This isn’t anything new, but it’s still a solid system that ensures players can go into a match with precisely the gear they want, and nothing more. Multiplayer includes a huge selection of unlockable guns, perks, and gear that let players mold a playstyle of their own. It’s outstanding, but at this point Call of Duty fans should expect nothing less.

The significant new change for multiplayer is that players no longer play as general combatants. Before a match begins, players pick a Specialist to play as. Each Specialist has one exclusive power and one exclusive weapon, and players get to take one of the two into battle.

This is one of the best choices made for Black Ops 3’s multiplayer. Because each character is useful, and there are nine Specialists, there’s no way for a team to have every power and every weapon available. So more than ever before, players have a chance to be valuable.

Octopi vs. Zombies

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

The new Zombies co-op mode, Shadows of Evil, is the greatest version of the undead slaying mode in Call of Duty yet. It has its own development organization, and it’s a place where a magician played by none other than Jeff Goldblum says lines like “With each subsequent transformation I grow ever more confident with my tentacles.”

Shadows of Evil’s four noir-esque characters – a magician, a boxer, a cop, and a burlesque dancer – are liars and killers thrown together against their will, and each is presented with a great short video that shows them at their worst.

It theatres much like the Zombies mode has before. However, thanks to a new persistent XP and bonuses system, players can customize weapons and abilities before a match begins. The mode lasts as long as players can hold out, so specializing the character becomes more imperative.

One big new addition to Zombies is the ability to “Become the Beast.” At certain fiery shrines, you can transform into a beast with tentacles, a lightning-spewing monster that rips the undead apart. It’s incredibly powerful, but it doesn’t last long.


Black Ops 3 continues the trend of its predecessors with alternate history and crazy weapons being the eccentrics of the Call of Duty series, vigorously taking on the sci-fi kinks more than ever this time. 

8 out of 10