Blackberry Priv vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Blackberry Priv vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge [Specs comparison]

Let’s have a look at the new phone launched in the market; the Priv, Blackberry’s new android phone, although too bad, Samsung Galaxy already made it big in the market. You want to find whether Blackberry Priv can take over Samsung? Then let’s go further into discussion about these two.

Design and build quality

Blackberry Priv vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Blackberry made its trademark solely on the basis of its QWERTY keyboards. Likely, the Blackberry Priv is no different; its keyboard easily slides out without any effort allowing the user to use it efficiently. Blackberry Priv is very engaging, it permits you to have a keyboard when in need and gone with a *poof* as soon as you’re done, however it does get a little chubby. The blackberry Priv is 9.4 mm thick and weighs 192g which tends to be tubby if compared with S6 Edge which is 7mm thick and weighs 132g.

Samsung has been degraded ever since it hit the market, considerably because of its monotonous texture and its lack of variety in the tablet design over these past years, but boy is the new S6 Edge an eye catching novelty. It’s not a manipulative scheme to trick you into thinking how beautifully it’s created and designed. Just look at how the metal and glass synchronization is attained through it. Flawlessly perfect.


Blackberry Priv vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The blackberry Priv consists of a curved 5.43 inch display delivering 2,560 x 1,440 at 540 ppi. It’s an AMOLED with a luminously enormous function for open-air usages or activities. It’s protected with fourth-generation Gorilla Glass. The remotely bent edges of the Blackberry Priv exhibits phone charging option and app icons- touch-down of these will notify you about the text messages you’ve received.

The S6 edge is slightly bent too. Credit goes to Samsung for its initial idea of curvy displays. It’s a super AMOLED with QHD resolution just like the blackberry but as it’s not big enough in comparison to S6 Edge, it has higher pixel density; 576 ppi compared with the Blackberry Priv’s 540 ppi.

What’s admirable about Samsung is that it has lightening system at the edge of its screen. You can arrange any specific color with any specific contact so you’ll be able to figure out people reaching you out. This gives Samsung a unique display. However, let’s see who beats the other.

Processor and storage

Blackberry Priv vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Blackberry Priv has hexa-core Snapdragon 808 backed with Adreno 418 graphics and teamed up with 3 GB of RAM. Storage is 32 GB, and it supports microSD to take the storage up to 200 GB

S6 Edge has a permanent storage, although; it does come with an exceptional case of 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB of on-board storage.  The processor is an octa-core Exynos 7420 clocked at 2.1 GHz with 3 GB of RAM. We’d conclude that Blackberry Priv is going down against Samsung.


Blackberry Priv vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Blackberry Priv’s main camera is an 18MP model with an optical image and 4K video recording which makes it top quality piece in the Android market with wholly on the foundation of good camera quality.

Compared to Blackberry Priv Edge has fewer megapixels – its camera is 16MP but even then, it’s remarkable. The optical image stabilization works greatly in dim light and remains stunning as it is, during the night too.


Blackberry Priv vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Blackberry Priv’s software makes it more alluring. It’s customized slightly and has furthermore app installed in it which can now be found in the Play Store. For e.g security monitor DTEK, Blackberry Priv’s own secure communications software and a whole bunch of Blackberry’s priv’s apps.

Samsung isn’t as bothered with TouchWiz these days, so its version of lollipop isn’t filled with bloatware and other things as such that pointlessly slowed Samsung phones down. A Marshmallow update is soon to be on its way. Samsung’s own UI is a little slow but switching it for a third party launcher solves that issue.

Battery Optimization

The Blackberry Pric’s battery is long lasting. 3,410 mAh which delivers 22.5 hours to use. But even if Samsung has lower lasting battery it still wins over because it charges very rapidly and it’ll only take a single hour to charge. Plus, it has a wireless charging too.

It has more than one power saving mode that double or triples battery life.