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Best Android phones coming in 2016

We have been experiencing a wide range of android phones until now, and it has been a development phase of such devices which has always been a centre point of attraction for all the users. Now, that we have the market full with such android devices and as it’s the end of this year 2015, we would surely expect much enlarged and innovative innovations in the next upcoming year.

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We have been in much relation with the LG devices, and there has always been a good range and production of android devices, as well as the flop ones. Well, still the G series has been a success sort of creation. We must agree that the actual physical representation of the android phones in the aspect of glass and metal design hasn’t been much convenient, but to overcome this flaw, we are going to experience a new innovation that is LG G4.

LG G4 can be considered as covering up all these flaws and being one of the best phones that are going to come up with a bang in 2016.

LG G Flex 3 is here with a bang!

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The G Flex series of LG has been one to be noticed and be a sort of such curved-screen designed, as we have seen that there are obvious flaws as well, but that happens when you give a shot right? We are going to have LG G Flex 2 was introduced with  the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor.

We have now been noticed that G Flex series is going to get a blast with the launch of Snapdragon 820 processor, equipped with 6-inch QHD display and 4GB of RAM with a 20.7 MP camera, that’s amazing right?

We may expect, way more enhancement and better structure for LG G Flex 3 in the upcoming next year, approximately in 2016.

Project Ara

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We have Project Ara to be introduced in 2016, which will enable you to create a flagship by yourself by which you can have your own specs fulfilled. The major and basic components that can make this device get to its high point are the specs of camera, the battery and the appearance of the display, now you don’t have to worry about anything and have it fine because its interchangeable.

HTC One M10

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HTC is not much in t=in the last previous years, and must produce such increments that can actually make it a well selling brand. We have heard a rumor that HTC One M10 will surely redesign the structure of HTC android phones and it will drop the HTC bezel that has been placed at the bottom of the display since such a long time.

So, will HTC One M10 be the kind of android phone that can make HTC a get back in the industry of best selling phones?

Nextbit Robin

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A company with the best one being composed by Google, HTC, Amazon and Apple employees, that gives the device a new and way better look.

We have a new and redesigned structure that is with round buttons and a new shade of color, like egg-shell color, but wait, this doesn’t sum it up, we have way more featured on the cloud functions and features. You may always get your backup ready and use it any time you want to. The space is never going to fill it up.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

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Samsung is the most outstanding company giving us the best and enhanced functionalty in the android phones. Samsung is going to ease you with an amazing display and much enhanced camera. Here you are going to have expandable battery and removable one.

The new android phones Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are going to enhance the level than the previous one as an incremental one, having the similar designs, but what new right? Well, 3D touch technology is expected in these new innovations.

Asus Zenfone 3

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Having much storage capacity with a cheap price is a pleasure to have right? Zenfone 2, that was discovered had provided us with 4GB of RAM and just a cost of $299 of US currency.

We can expect the low price with powerful specifications right away in 2016 equipped with a storage of 64 bit CPU and enhanced charging.