iPhone 7

5 things which can make iPhone 7 the best smartphone ever

Apple has been the most wanted and embracing company that has always proposed the best gadgets one can desire for. Apple itself has never copied the structures given by others, but it certainly does learn from the other competitor countries. Apple keenly look up at the last flaws and overcome them in the other upcoming increments. We have always achieved the best of Apples creations apart from the Android phones, we had been entertained by Apple watch, TV and what not to talk about.

Can’t play with water, because my iPhone is not Waterproof!

iPhone 7 the best smartphone ever

As your IPhone is a gadget that means a lot to its users, and is even highly expensive. Apple is well aware of that fact and mainly focuses on the factors that can give a long life to your IPhone. As splitting water on your IPhone device can make it a weakened one, so the users might think of having a device that can last longer.

Apple has now enhanced their IPhone 7 with a functionality of bin water-resistant Oh yes, its water-resistant not water-proof. It would be better to get an IPhone with a water-proof technology.

As other companies like Sony and Samsung have given their creations of water-proof android phones, but i hope this IPhone 7 can function under water for even a longer time to enjoy your gadget into a new experience.

Don’t get irritated now – Battery life is way longer!

iPhone 7 the best smartphone ever

The factor of having an unbalanced life of battery of your IPhone is an irritating one to deal with. Apple users have been complaining about the less battery life of IPhones. Apple has certainly considered the issue of this battery lacking and has decide to confront their users with the finest balance of battery life. As IPhones can have much better life because of the integration of both hardware and software components leads the IPhone to be comparatively more efficient.

Get your volume up and enjoy the better speakers

iPhone 7 the best smartphone ever

Apple has been very impressed by the speakers designed by Android phones. In comparison with the HTC One M9 and considering IPhone 6s, we noticed that there is much of a comparison.

The 24-bit audio as well as the front-facing presenter come up with a massive difference. In addition to HTC isn’t genuinely capable of thing to the apple company credit a feature. Even comprising to be noticed by Motorola android phones, it certainly manages to fit the front facing speakers with the exception of too much space included beneath the screen for doing it.

Have a shatterproof glass IPhone in your hand

iPhone 7 the best smartphone ever

All the android users want to have their IPhones protected and let them live long last. The strength of the glass of IPhone screen is now increased to an extent but still it’s not so hard and reliable. Lately, Moto android phone, DROID Turbo 2 was claimed to be an android phone that had a shattered glass.

At this point, you possibly can obviously state of which it’s not throughout Apple’s fiscal pursuits to generate IPhones water resistant along with shatterproof: a reliable portion regarding earnings is actually created simply by swapping broken or ruined equipment. Although Tim Cook has explained on a number of instances of which Apple company endeavors to accomplish the correct point regardless of whether this arrives with a fiscal price – citing supply capabilities along with environmental friendliness seeing that examples.

We often buy so hard plastic and rubber covers to protect our IPhones from being broken or harmed. But Apple has been considering this as a serious issue and is now coming up with a shatterproof screen of IPhone 7 that may reduce the usage of covers and let the actual beauty be in front of everyone when you’re holding your IPhone 7.

Reduced the thickness of bezels

iPhone 7 the best smartphone ever

Apple when introduced its initial IPhone it was much a concern that it must remain only a full touch screen device or the one that cam be equipped with bezel or buttons. It can be said that Apple had a keen and clear objective to have a watch that could be full bezel-less one.

As the production of IPhone 6 viewed that main appearance as a rounded one which objected on the bezel being looked as a thin one. But honestly, there was no much difference in the width and strength of the bezel as compared to IPhone 5.

As there are several drawbacks of having a bezel on your device since it could somehow be pressed accidently and cause to have such an action that is not intentionally desired.