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Why Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is overpowered than Note 4?

Samsung has always served its users with the best of what it can, it surely gives its betterment through increments and after studying the drawbacks of last gadget. Samsung Note 4 was no doubt an astonishing device by Samsung but the updated Galaxy Note 5 has been leaving Note 4 behind due to its advanced but minute features. So, even there’s no such big changes made but still, we have been convinced that Galaxy Note 5 has overcome Note 4.

We are here going to define you the infinitesimal changes that has been made among these two devices, and still prove Galaxy Note 5 to be superior over Note 4.

1.    Fading of the Lock-screen


We’ve always experienced that when we counter the locking of our screens in our devices it turns out to be black just after tapping the lock button. This is common that takes place in all the gadgets, so what different cam we acquire rather than this? A new feature Galaxy Note 5 is providing us, is, as you tap your lock-screen button, your screen starts to fade off to black eventually from the right side and left verticals inward – creating a dull and shady look on your Note 5. Now if you actually compare it with the mainstream looking functionality of Not 4, of course you would opt for Galaxy Note 5 , right?

Obvio, this is not ‘such a big change’ but this is eventually attracting our users to Note 5, when they find this functionality in Note 5 and not in Note 4.

2.    S – Pen ejection


S Pen Stylus is a new included feature that has been given by Samsung to enhance the look and functionality. This style has been considered as ‘James Bond Gadget’, so feel yourself as him while using this device with honor.

Galaxy Note 4 has this feasibility to grab the stylus out from its holding space yourself. Whereas, Galaxy Note 5 has now allowed you to just press a bit motional on your S Pen stylus head, and it will automatically eject out making a space for your nail or finger to pull it out more comfortably than you have been thinking of. Therefore, it also conceals your S Pen to be safe and placed clearly within its holder.

3.    Sides are now even more slim


More the slim your gadget is, of course you enjoy holding it in your hands. Galaxy Note 4 was composed of a slimming productivity of 8.5mm and then here comes Galaxy Note 5 that has reduced it production to 7.6mm and made it even more slimmer and thinner.

If in one hand you hold Note 4 and on the other one is Note 5, you’ll find Note 5 being more slim and thin and feel like getting rid of a bulky product.

4.    Resolution


Resolution is an important feature of any gadget that we are going to buy. Software of Samsung’s Touch Wiz has been constantly improving since the production of Note 4.

Note 5 is providing us with a better resolution affect, composing of the illusion of a distance between the icons and text that appears on your screen is now way more clear because of the detailing provided. Since both the gadgets are equipped with QHD, still Note 5 is considered to have a high and better resolution.

5.    The astonishing glass

Galaxy Note 4 was featured with a changeable faux-leather back panel but now Note 5 is now provided to display with a fresh and stylish oppressive glass panel. Well, this is simply a major attractive part of getting a device chosen, since this rear glass property is simply dragging people towards itself to gear up the interest of its users.

Samsung has now directed the devotion of its users away because of the reason that it has misplaced the micro SD card slot and portable battery choice from Galaxy Note series having a stylish and superb gleaming backside.

6.    Buttons are now capacitive


At the bottom of your Galaxy Note 5 you can clearly view these capacitive buttons which may light up easily not only when you click and select them but in fact when you also tap on your display screen.

You can find this functionality on Note 4 as well, but those may light up only when you tap the buttons or unlock your screen, but in Note 5 you have an additional feature.

We would love to have a device in our hands that could actually make us feel real communication, these capacitive buttons are something with which you are interacting with. Like, these icons may be waking you up with “hey it’s okay, I’m here” to make you feel comfy and acknowledged. You may feel even safe, sound and protected as these little buttons are too way welcoming and friendly.

Note 4 moves on to Note 5


Even though, these tiny differences are not having a huge impact on the changing of device, but certainly changes are changes. And honestly, we all run after even the changing of the size or resolution, advanced camera or any positioned feature. So, Note 5 has been declared to be even more superior on Note 4.