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Microsoft Surface Book review – The best laptop ever

What is basically this Microsoft Surface Book?

Microsoft’s first ever laptop is a remarkable one. It has an amazingly ravishing design, which contains a 13.5 inch 3000 * 2000 display (that is approximately 267dpi) which is isolated from the keyboard so that you can either enjoy it as a laptop or a tablet. This model contains the latest Skylake Core i5 processor which is approximately about $1500, in other words you can say that it’s a Surface Pro 4 but it has much different and cool manufacturing design. All you have to do is spend just $1700 more and you can update it to a Core i5 with a discrete Nvidia GeForce Graphics processor, and if that’s not enough you can also upgrade it to an i7 with Nvidia GPU and iTB of storage, worth just $3200.

Is It Important? Why?


It is quite surprising for every electrical device user out there in the world that Microsoft is now launching its own laptop, well it seems that Microsoft itself has been trying to turn itself around for years and it’s not like it came out without any news. Microsoft’s scrupulous design and its finest price seem to give us an idea that the ravishing hardware is as serious as the software it contains.

Since three years, this laptop is more like the introduction of Surface tablet-laptop hybrids. Microsoft have been going through a really tough time, figuring out what it’s users actually want, after the disaster and the concurrent windows 8 going flop. Microsoft recently increased on its hardware push, through the buying of Nokia, who made ravishingly amazing Microsoft handsets that were hobbled by Microsoft’s exceptionally least mobile operating system. Something you should be acknowledged with, is that Microsoft recently released Window 10, which was more improved and better with the amazing OS designed to work across all gadgets form factors. It’s a single OS for phones, which include new Microsoft Lumias which are ought to be released in November. It is a ravishing OS, and surprisingly it was already installed in approximately 110 devices by the time of the announcement of the Surface Book.


The question arises is that, what about Surface Book? Oh, that damn thing is remarkably beautiful and attractive. It’s powerful and pricey too. What is the thing that you need your laptop to do? This laptop provides you with a laptop as well as an incredible tablet. Two in one, wow. Whatever you want in a laptop or device, this Surface Book is providing you, amazing exterior, prefect software, ravishing design and what not. God, this is device offers you no compromise.

It’s a target, both regarding users and also   for its   corporation itself. Flatly,  the  $1500 laptop  can be  never going  to be able to  reach  your own  bulk  connected with  Microsoft’s customers,  almost all   of   who   can   USE  sub-$1000 Windows 10  equipment   through  third-party manufacturers. But it’s there  as being a  totem, representing  the  idea  an individual   will certainly  buy into.  just as one  expression  associated with  Microsoft’s ambitions,  As well as future, Surface Book reveals  a great  almost Jobsean preoccupation  within  details.  In the event   your own  Surface Book succeed  like a  viable conceptual  selection   to  Apple’s proven, stale status quo, well,  your current  future’s going  for you to   store   a good  lot different.

Ravishing Design


Surface Book is zilch if not a contemptibly over-engineered vessel for Windows 10. The design of Surface Book is something worth applause. As we can see, this laptop is adaptable and this entire thing works as a perfect pivot design. It’s hinge consist of narrow strips that dovetail together. When opening or closing this device, it doesn’t even make the slightest creak or sound. It is amazingly engineered.

With a little touch of the release button on the top right of the keyboard, the screen will be detached from the keyboard and there you have your own tablet. It’s worth nothing how Microsoft consummated this convertible format.  The release button that you can see on the top right of the keyboard, the moment you press it, the moment you hear a clicking sound which gives you the signal that the screen is not detached from the keyboard. Though the keyboard is not useless now, the keyboard contains a house additional battery. In the more expensive graphics version, the keyboard also contains the distinct Nvidia graphics processor.

This Surface Book can be perfectly compared to the Macbook Pro, only if we detach its keyboard. It will resemble Apple’s IPad pro. The Surface Books surface is slightly bigger than the Apple’s- 12.9 inch gigantic tablet. The display is a ravishing and gratifying metal and glass, 13.5 inched, wedged with 6 million pixels.  This is probably the most striking display I’ve ever seen on a laptop. From a scientific point of view, its rated dissimilarity relation, which is a sign of the widest scale of light and dark the screen can symbolize, wins from all the other competitors.

Apart from the firmly detached screen, you can also attach the display again on the keyboard, so that it folds up with the display facing external. Microsoft calls this the “clipboard” position. When you hold it in your arms, I imagine holding a big computer in my arms and roaming around in some place. Good news, this Surface Book also contains an amazing pen.

Using it


Using an understandable and ease providing laptop is just like a dream coming true. So, as we mentioned above that the design of Microsoft Surface Book is designed so well, so accompanying the best design is the usage factor which enhances the reasons that why this the best laptop ever.

I5 has been configured on Microsoft Surface Book which makes the internet browsing as rapid as you have not even imagined, you may enjoy all sort of activities and features on Surface Book without getting delayed whether it is to browse and get your favorite show streamed or you want to encounter light photo shopping – it’s the best of all you can get in one!

While getting to the factor of Battery, my pal, the life of battery for Surface Book is amazing and wanted. You can achieve a period of 6-7 hours to do continuous work without being distracted by the alerts of low battery.

As a concern of the keyboard, well it’s smooth and comfy for the frequent users to get their constant work done with ease and comfort.

Well of course having a gadget, as being an electronic item it even has a few drawbacks, but it doesn’t make any such big difference in the functionality.

First of all, the track pad is a quite misunderstood pad, like maybe it’s too jumpy and sensitive or it ‘not’ sensitive at all, we have both the extreme conditions here.

Very less often, the USB controller to get an external device, such as a mouse, was a difficulty to deal with, as it mostly did not even recognize it. But, we must now be calm, because this issue has been considered by Microsoft and will be soon dealt with care.

Another flaw, is about the critical and sensitively flexible design structure which a few times create a mis-handling of the gadget. Like if you are going to keep it on your lap, or trying to place it somewhere being more comfy, it actually irritates you, but since, people mostly work as a professional so this is not to be considered as such a big issue.

A huge tablet it is


Now it’s not mandatory to have a bulky laptop everywhere you go, its more convenient and show-off when you get your display detached from its keyboard, woaah that a big tablet, isn’t it? Having a size of 13.5 inch is quite a big deal buddy.

Without the keyboard your gadget will be weighing 1.6 pounds and makes you feel like holding it for a long time while you are in the mode of relaxation, on your bed or couch, face booking or just reading some sort of articles.

Hey are you thinking that the processing will be effected? Well, the answer to your confusion is No. Because the i5 configuration is included in the top half part of your computer, that is the display which makes you avail the same benefits and features as with the keyboard part.

Get your notes ready

Tired of making notes on paper? Well, enjoy the new Surface Book with its advanced and new featured stylus Surface Pen, which has been advanced by making your display thin and enabling you to enjoy the feel of writing, doodling, or drawing on the display for hours and hours. So, to get this feature in your life to get ease to your hands, you just have to opt for Surface Book that is going to grant you the actual feel of holding a pen on a smooth and silk feel display.

Interest of graphics


Of course, laptops are not as much effective for gaming, but this $2100 laptop must be of some use right? Well, you’re right, it is, graphical games such as Tomb Rider have been well experienced in Surface Book, and the quality of the graphics was well handled with a medium quality. The graphics is maxed at 11 in Surface Book to make it well displayed while performing your gaming dream.

Grab it now!

Since Surface Book is considered as the most ravishing and ease providing gadget developed by Microsoft which provides you with the features of a laptop as well as a flexible handling tablet with the most remarkable design and the usage is quite effective and smooth. You may enjoy a laptop feel at work, at may feel comfy in your couch or bed with the tablet in your hand when tired. S, just get hold of your Surface Book and get a new experience of technology.