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Top scan apps for iOS and Android which you must have

Finest Scanning App For IOS – Evernote Scannable


Seeking for flexibility and ease for scanning? Well, here we are unveiling an astonishing app for iPhone users, named, Evernote Scannable, to make scanning an act of just a piece of cake.

Scan up what you want

Evernote scannable, enables you to scan business cards, receipts and even the documents of your work or any other activities. This app customs OCR that is Optical Character Recognition which permits the detection of the figures, characters and digits of the documents or whatsoever you tend to scan. You want to know something more fascinating? Well, this app is used to extract the information from your business card that can be your contacts, messages or emails, to provide you ease in saving it to your phone.

Multi-paging scanning? Not an issue

Don’t worry because this app is facilitating you to work with multi paging documents as well. What you have to is just place your document within the screen of your iPhone, and scan the starting page, it will itself automatically be ready to scan the further pages for you. So fast, isn’t it?

Scan – Edit

All you have to do is just place your camera in collaboration with your document and this amazing app will within a few seconds, capture it, scan your document and will enhance the quality for you. Included is the editing of the color, contrast, sharpness and the brightness as well.

Scan, Save and Share

It’s not just about scanning and saving it to your phone, as if it’s a piece of dummy. In fact, this app allows you to share your scanned documents with others as well. You can even save your scanned documents and other stuff on cloud, as you are allowed to be flexible with this app, so you must be thinking to grab your hands on this app as soon as you can get off with this article.


Go For Evernote Scannable

So, what are you waiting for? Get this app right there on your IPhone and experience completing a task of scanning, without heavy and old-fashioned scanners, just grab your phone and get to work,  that will not even take much time of your precious one.


Best Scanning App For Android – Cam Scanner


Tired of such bulky scanners? What if we tell you, that you can even turn your phone as a portable scanner? CAM SCANNER, the best app for androids to get your scanning done just in a blink of an eye.

Get Everything Scanned Now

Want your business cards, printed documents, receipts, or words written on a board to get scanned? Just grab this app, because it will get these tasks done in a much flexible manner.

Cam Scanner-an app for your flexibility

Cam scanner, is going to provide you ease just by clicking on the icon of your camera, and get started for scanning whatever document that you want to. Position your phone infront of your document and just tap to capture it, you will find your document get auto-focused and scanned within few seconds.

Just set up your document to how many pages you want to scan and here you are, this app will do the rest of the work itself and make you feel like a boss. Multi-paging is not an issue for Cam Scanner.


Edit and Get it Saved Or Shared

Now what about editing? Well, just hold on because Cam scanner fulfills this task too. It will enable you to get your figures or documents bright, get in contrast, crop or sharpen it easily. After editing, you may save it to your phone or even locate it to the cloud. Or, you don’t want to keep it, rather sharing is your thing? So step up, because you can easily share it with your people.

Thus, it’s just an app away to get your device a new look and feature. Make your device useful in every manner, get your things scanned right there from your device and have a new experience.