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Top 3 Apple iOS games in 2015

Apple has given us a ton of amazing and enjoyable iOS games. IPhone users are provided with a variety of gaming applications which is used almost all over the world. Today we are going to share with you guys about the top 3 iOS games which according to us are kind of taking the lead in iOS games library lately.

1. Geometry Wars 3


Geometry Wars 3, is one of the leading games in iOS games. This game is undoubtedly a tough game to play, the high scores which are required in this game to unlock a new boss battle or a new level demands a lot of dexterous runs all through its meek maps, around the surface of the three dimensional shapes, there is a standard twin-shooter action. That’s the good thing when someone else is playing this game. The only disappointment that is noticeable here is that the dimensions do not provide us with any options with its new map design, but its experimented gameplays are a very well-built and positive point of being one of the best games to the golden era of arcade games.

Variety given

Geometry wars 3 is a game which gives you a variety of enemies and each enemy you are going to face would be having a different personality. For instance, blue diamonds slowly drift toward you while purple pinwheels float off into empty space without a care in the world. This variety of enemies gives an intense look to the game and makes it more attractive and worthy of playing.


But this game is not as easy as you might be thinking it is. This game have the tendency to distract you, for instance, if you are being chased by a small enemy, the bigger enemy is on the other side of the map which will attack you as soon as you reach that point. Haha, confusing? Duh, this is the plan.

The feature that always fails to grab our interest is when they have less variety especially in adventurous games where the easy potions are always poorly made or are recurring again and again in the game. Many missions follow similar graphics and setups, either requiring a high score, a restricted amount of lives, or a severe time limit. More attractive modes like Pacifism, where you are restricted to live and play without shooting any enemies or King Classic where you have protected zones and you are only allowed to shoot inside them but they disappear very quickly. They do appear again but eventually it takes a lot of time.

3D attraction


You are provided with 3D stages in this game which grabs attention of hundreds of users, who are using this game. An unlockable selection of A.I.-driven drones gives you a wingman to deal with some of this problem. These updateable co-pilots in the game are able to fire in the identical direction as you or charge off on its own to grab multipliers. They are in a lot of quantity and are helpful but in crazy colorful shootouts and sometimes it’s almost difficult or impossible to figure out, who is your friend and who is your opponent. It obviously takes some time to figure out, but just so you guys know these friendly creatures or robots helps a lot in the game. And, when bereavement cuts a run small, the aptitude to push a single button to rapidly jump back into action is easy and it boasts up your courage and you will definitely say to yourself “Man, just one more game” and you will keep playing again and again.

2. Legend of Grimrock


Fond of gaming that includes action and thrill? Want to get a self-first person playing action game? You really want to get into the zone of thrill? So, here is the right game for you, Legend of Grimrock, is the first ever action game that is based on the real time gaming machines. This iOS game is going to provide you an entire environment of 3D gaming functionality full of action and thrill.

What this game is?

Lengend of Grimrock is enabling you to get a gaming control of action by a dungeon crawling role playing that is composed of first ever person playing with a new modern execution of the composition f gaming. The feature of this iOS game is enabling you to explore and find out the entire world of ancient and old tunnels, you can discover the hidden secrets and get to find the path to survive in the hazardous dungeons of the Mount Grimrock.

You can without being forced to get your team by default, now choose your four-member party to dive in the action play with the selection of good accessibility and powers. Of course, there is a wide range to make your selection done, but sadly you have to make a choice of fighters, rogues, and mages. Here you are able to cast spells with runes and get infected with potions of herbs. As you get your characters of the team leveled up, you may earn points to dump a wide range of armor, weapons, spell and specializations of the individual abilities.

Get the fun started


The fun is now going to get a new meaning. The diving into the dungeons to get powers collected, is going to require a time of minute or maybe two to secure and load your crew without letting your characters customization depth get lower.

Legend of Grimrock, is getting the challenge with grid based moment of corridors and rooms tricky and puzzling deadly traps and horrible deadly roaring groups of knights, known crowds of spiders that are hell poisoned full that gets view by their fangs and bulky monsters that let your heart come in your mouth.

Fight right away

Getting opposed by the deadly attackers? Well, the advanced weapons and armor is there to get you protected. As you get your powers and weapons used for a particular attack once, the other usage part of that weapon may require a little time, but the feature of real time element is adding a refreshing aspect that makes your game go in a flow. You may get the power of magic to create a new path of twist in the action life of your iOS game. The spells that are casted are for a specific rune pattern into 3×3 grid, just a click away is the powering of your magic.

Get your brain stormed


Thus the gaming zone has now been mush enhanced, the Legend of Grim rock is a 3D based that enhanced the visual aspects of gaming, makes yo use your imagination and brain storm which visibly declares the sucking of your brain juice. As every level is advanced the dungeon gets more critical over and over with hidden switches, locked doors, pressure plates, scrawled messages and magical statues that clearly makes you think in much diversified way.

3. Transistor


Transistor is an amazingly smart action-RPG game which seats all of its expectation into your brainpower. Nothing from its cyberpunk tale rife with mysteries, to its profound combat that encourages testing, is ever spelled out for you, this is loved by the users. For its second game, developer Supergiant intakes everything that is liked about Bastion’s tales, cuts off much of the fats, and adds a lot of material to it that turns each come across in its six hours into a life challenging puzzle.

It contains the same hand-drawn style as Bastions, it is mostly prejudiced by the communicative characters of typical amine, its world is so amazing that it feels like Blade Runner mixed with Cowboy Bebop in the perfect way. No character of Transistor lies in the type of the distinctive video games or science fiction conventions.  The hero of this game, Red is a reclined singer whose voice has been taken as a part of a despicable scheme. Here, even the odd cabal of opponents has their own motivations that keep things from turning from colorful to colorless. By the end of few fights, when I had to lay the killing blow, I felt a kind of regret or repentance you can say,

Suspense and action – both in one


This game gives you suspense, and starts from the middle of the action. Now it is up to you, to gather the information and figure out what happened earlier. This game is filled with different music and songs which comes across you, while you are in your adventure. The transistor is amazingly ravishing and the mechanics are the best so far I have played in years.  The best part of this game is that whenever you put in a new move, it saves it and never lets it go so that you can use it whenever you feel like.  Transistor marries the rapid reactions which are compulsory in an action game with the cautious preparation of a tactic game in a remarkable manner.

As you get on high levels, the game allows you to choose between a pair of skills, for instance, deadly spears or more self-protective abilities like impermanent craftiness. Along with this, you would be given a choice to enter magical doors that will take you from one place to your very own personal beachside cabana which helps you to run away from the stupidity of the outside world.


It is to be acknowledged that the PlayStation 4 and PC versions are almost the same. On PS4, you can choose to have the sword’s voice come out of the speaker on the controller. While it seems different on paper, this game took attention of many and it is to be said that this game added much into my experiment.