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This is how you speed up your iOS device

So looking up for any option that can actually speed up your iOS device so that you can feel more comfy and definite while using it. So here it is, an astonishing news has been just updated after the release of jailbreak for the entire community of iOS 9 dependent gadgets. As the jailbreak has been released a day ago, the developers are here comforting you with a latest version of Apple’s mobile operating systems.

Speed Intensifier – speed up now

The package of Speed Intensifier is a new and updated tug to view the update of speeding up your iOS device which was previously previewed for iOS 8 relatively in January 2015. What actually Speed Intensifier is providing you? Well, if you grant priority towards the speed of iOS device instead of viewing certain animations and creative activities so I’m definite that Speed Intensifier is going to entertain you with its best.

Apple – considering the concept of animations and transitions

As we all are aware with the idea and concept of Apple of providing a standard of user interface to its users, it has been certain that Apple has been mainly focusing on transitions among the conditions within iOS. We have seen a user to be dedicated towards using Apple because of the graphical interface that is tempting to most of the users. Though Apple has an upgraded degree to certify itself with the provision of animations and transitions. But if you once, mainly focus on the OS you are using you will be finding the concept of animations and of course you will be experience transitions in every form of activity you perform, for instance, the viewing of an app is considered to be an animation as it is animated, when you perform multi-tasking, it is certainly a transition of apps and activities you observe on your screen.


Peek and Pop Now

IPhone 6s and IPhone 6s Plus is going to support the animation and transition concept by Peek and Pop system that is heavily composed of animation and is loved by the Apple users, since they have that expectation from Apple.

Fast and Faster

Now let’s have a look what this package of Speed Intensifier is going to advantage you with? Well, it basically permits you to speed up those animations taking place on you gadget faster ad quick that you ever had imagined. Jailbreak that has been available for latest iOS is comforted with this package and now you don’t even have to get sadden that it won’t support in iOS 9, because here you go, Speed Intensifier is there to cheer you up.


Experience speeding up without hesitation

Now you can easily get updated your device with iOS 9, and instead of experiencing a slow version of OS you may not hesitate while getting up for an app on your IPhone. Users may respire to the iOS device in order to gain advantage of this package while keeping the tweak into Simple mode. Though, there’s a certain drawback of crashing when the user gets in contact with Fusion and Advanced modes, but don’t you worry because the developers are coping up to get over this issue as soon as possible and may provide full support, firmness and constancy for iOS 9.

 Get it Instantly

You may achieve the updated version of Speed Intensifier, a speed gaining package in Philip Wrong’s own private repository at, which will need to be added as a source to Cydia to access.