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This is how you hard reset your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

As we all are aware that Apple has been an outstanding producer of hardware as well as software equipped to it. The Cupertino-based company has claimed that there are very few such technology based companies that makes their hardware compatible with the software developed by themselves, because of course making your system compatible to it accordingly is a hard task to be considered.

Since Apple has its own iOS devices powered with the compatibility of hardware and software, sometimes as being an electronic gadget unresponsiveness may be encountered. Such situations require instant reboot or restart for the device to operate in a corrective manner.

Why should I reboot my IPhone, IPad or IPod Touch?

Certainly, you would be looking for some hard reasons to actually reboot your device, well we’ll be clearing up this confusion. You may have certain specific reasons to get your device through a proper reboot cycle.

Firstly, jailbreak tug or a third party app may act uncertainly unresponsive on your device which may lead to the hanging up of your system, this may be considered as an internal issue but this requires you rebooting your iOS device.

Secondly, when you have been using our device since a long period of time without letting it refresh through rebooting or restarting, the background working apps and many more services may utilize several resources of your system that can cause it to be really sluggish. At this moment, stop thinking and just reboot your device because this is when you actually need to.


Guide for restarting/rebooting your iOS device

First step:

The initial step to get your iOS device reboot is simply to press and hold the Power button of your device with the hold of Home/Touch ID bezel. Keep hold on these two buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

Second step:

Now just keep a look at your device, after the given specified time the screen of your iOS device will turn to be black or white, the color that has been composed by your IPhone, and as the logo of Apple is visible on the screen, just release both the buttons immediately.

As you are done with this, your device is enough capable to get itself on the process of rebooting. The device you have, will be deciding the time of the appearing logo of Apple on your device. Of course the older device you have will acquire much time, like IPhone 4 and 4s takes a lot more time to get reboot than IPhone 6 and IPhone 6s Plus.

Now, after this time taking for rebooting, your device will be back to its actual appearance and will enable you to gear up with the standard lock screen. Use it as you used to. Enter your passcode, if it was so there before rebooting.

So, reboot it now!

Apple has always been finding ways to provide you ease and flexibility. IPhones are here with the actual rebooting and restarting functionality to gear up your device faster. This rebooting session is not going to take much of your precious time, honestly, just spare up to 30 seconds and there you will have a faster and a kind of new IPhone in your hands to use.


Source: RedmondPie