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This is how to wish Happy Birthday on Facebook with a video message

Tired of having the same ‘Happy Birthday’ labelled posts every year on your wall? Wish for something more exciting and fun to experience? Well, as always Facebook is not going to get you bored in any way, so instead of again having a list of notifications of posts by your friends, now iOS users can simply wish you with a new feature being introduced, by a direct video with love and blessings.

Simple to make your friend smile

All you have to do, is just tap up the new featured button on facebook app with an icon of a video recorder and you may get your friend smile wide by looking up at your 20 seconds ‘Happy Birthday’ video and feel being a precious one to you.


Get something special for your buddy

So to all the best friends and those who tend to make their friends day special with something new, here is the news for you, just take up to 20 seconds for your buddy and capture a cute loving video on facebook to wish them on their special day rather than posting the mainstream message of “Happy Birthday”.

It does look like a pretty intriguing thing for now but it could get really pesky soon especially at times if anyone having a long list of friends and all of them wishing with this particular video messages the excitement and enthusiasm will turn into a turmoil. It will be feel like an avalanche of video posts flooding the wall! Let’s hope has some way to filter out these videos, or create a separate tab that keeps all these video wishes away from the main wall and prevents overcrowding.