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Things that will annoy you in an Android device

Android is the kind of device which you will discover in every others pocket or hand. Like come on, its an Android device, the best gadget to get hold of. We all are attracted and bounded by the use of Android devices, to be honest, we are actually addicted by our Android, even after knowing the fact that its actually not that flawless. But we all satisfy ourselves by quoting, that as being an electronic gadget of course there might be some bugs and flaws, which is perfectly acceptable. But then again till what extent can we ignore the blemishes of a device.

Well, there are some Android issues and bugs that have turned to be quite big, and mustn’t be at this level for the users of Android. Like how can Google actually not pay attention on such wide and sever issues? Android has been a choice made by almost everyone now a days, like every other you get to interact with is holding an Android gadget.

Lets take a look at the major three issues which have been figured in Android that hasn’t been addressed yet and are essential to get resolved by Google as soon as it can be.

1.  Fragmentation


Fragmentation is to be considered as the major issue for Android devices. It is not only measured to be harmful for the mechanism of Android devices but it also itself lets the security boundaries break and there arises several security glitches.

This dispute with the Android is not just because of the new version of Android being rolled out took up to an year, like we have been surveying that only a less than quarter of Android users have been using Lollipop on their Android gadget when even Android 6.0 is out with several users using it on their gadget. But also there are many Android devices that haven’t get the chance to be updated from the beginning the time.

What we have encountered is, that there are several manufacturers who only support the updating Android on the most valuable and expensive devices they belong, and may be the gadgets that range close to their expensive ones. The most astonishing thing is, that there are still many manufactures who engineer such cheap gadgets and does not even support the Android updates at all in those implements.

40 percent of the users who are currently engaged with handling Android devices are using Android Jelly Beans or maybe something even older than that for their devices whereas on the other hand the same percentage is found out for the users of KitKat which has been like introduced two years ago for Android.

What Google may do to resolve the issue of fragmentation?


The Google may resolve the issue of fragmentation in Android devices by providing the manufacturers with the total stock of Android. By this method the Play store can be pushed by all the skinning and bloatware via different apps and themes available and Google can itself by default move the updated OS to all the Android devices.

2.  Consistency of the Back Button

You would be frequently using your Android device, without even noticing several minor issues. Well, one issue that is quite minor but a blunder if we notice it. The mechanism of the back button in Android is something that becomes irritating when you actually get it. In Android the back button performs the functionality that comes out to be something that you didn’t everything of, ha, well, this is what the glitch is, Google is not even applicable to make the back button constant and rigid for its own app.


Let’s prove the above mentioned err, consider the Gmail functionality. Well if you get login into your Gmail and get into the Sent folder, and now search for a certain email to read. Now, when you hit the back button the functionality will be sort of, moving you a step back to the actual web you came further. But if you notice that you already have a back going arrow on the app that you are using, but when you actually require the use of it, it vanishes and you are dependent on the back button of your device.

And Google here comments, that the functionality of the back button must be directed to the last screen that you encountered with, but wait, what we observe is something opposing this statement. For instance, if I get my app of Calendar open, and then get hold of back button, it somehow takes me to the general calendar screen, woaah, that’s something I never browsed bro.

So, this is actually a major drawback, because you’ll never know what your back button may result in, it’s kind of something like a ‘surprise booming out’.

3.  Multitasking thou’

All we want is to be done at a single place in less time. Like when I use my PC or my laptop I eventually just ‘copy paste’ the material I want from one place to another or even just ‘drag and drop’, that’s quite easier. But what we have experienced in Android, is not similar, like this is considered as a flaw right? Not to provide ease to your user – a major drawback.


So, when I get my Android device in my hand, there we go with a bulk of tasks to complete for a given task. You can’t just drag or drop it, bro, you have to work hard. You have to download the required file, first of all, and then if you want to get it shared, get ready for a queue of processes. Tap on the app, use the media through which you want to share, or may be just get it pressed for a long long time to get the submenu viewed. Or any other bulk of multitasking processing, but you’ll not find much flexibility and ease in Android.

Come on, Android has been so all-time-favorite of the users nowadays and in such a hard competition with iOS, and still have such major bugs. Sorry to include, but Samsung and LG manufactures are though way good in such capabilities where honestly, Android lacks.

It’s coping up well

Well, to make you satisfy, there was a long list before. Many issues has been dealt wisely and many bugs have been overcome. The issue of backup was also first included in the list. But now Marshmallow has allowed the automatic default backups of your apps, data and all the stuff you require to keep save. Similarly, handling the app links was also a matter of concern which is again dealt by Marshmallow.