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The 5 Android apps which you must uninstall right away

Smartphones have a tendency to be drained by worthless apps that have a major negative impact on your phone’s performance and battery life plus, it consumes most of the internal storage space of your device resulting in overall poor performance. So, thorough cleaning of your phone is essentially required. Mentioned below are five apps that need to be deleted from your phone ASAP!

  1. The Weather Channel (or any other weather app or widget)


Weather apps are the most commonly used apps all around the world. These apps are the most convenient and quick way of knowing the weather outside and make your plans accordingly. No matter how convenient they might be for you but do keep in mind that these are the most battery-draining apps and consume most of the space in your phone.

If you do not wish to delete them then at least put a barrier and curb them from updating information too often because these apps keep updating themselves from time to time which consumes a lot of space. So, try and restrict them by refreshing these apps only when you require. Also, get free of the home screen widget in order to increase the performance of battery and boost it.

  1. AntiVirus Security – FREE (or any other antivirus app)


AntiVirus is unnecessary for your phone. You yourself can guard your phone from potential threats by not downloading or going to sites that you do not trust entirely. Smartphones themselves are quite efficient in protecting themselves from threats and if you need something besides that then go for Google as a second option as it is pretty good in removing harmful apps from the play store.

It is better if you do not get yourself tangled up in these AntiVirus that come for free as they are more likely to make your phone slow and drain its battery than they are useful in protecting your phone. So, all you need to do is protect your phone dangerous websites and apps.

  1. Clean Master (or any other cleaning app)


Although recently many cleaning apps have launched that come with the assurance of boosting your battery and making its internal memory free and many a times they do help us in deleting apps that occupy most of the memory. However, these apps are some of the most battery-draining and take up more memory space than they help in freeing.

Clean Master is a very big example as it is the most commonly used cleaning app. You can do yourself and your device better by cleaning cache by yourself. Just go to Settings > Storage > and tap Cached data. When you are asked to “clear cached data?” click ok.

Or, you can clear the cache of each app by going to Settings > Apps > Downloaded and selecting on an app. Then, tap “Clear Cache”.

So, instead of downloading a more space-consuming app to do the job, do it yourself and save yourself much more space!

  1. The default browser


Deleting the default browser won’t really boost your battery by much difference or extend your battery life. However, it sure is going to give you a much better alternative to the default browser. And then you have the choice to download your desirable browser.

Go to Settings > Apps and tap the browser which you do not use any more. Tap “Disable” on the following page. And then you can download any browser you want.

  1. 9GAG Funny pics & videos


9gag is a major battery drainer. Most people download it for fun and for times when they get bored basically, as an entertainment too. In favor of this entertainment users are compromising the speed and battery of their devices. As we all know that 9gag is also available on Facebook and Instagram apart from its very own app so it is preferable to use or view 9gag on either Facebook or Instagram rather than downloading the app.

So, if you wish to save yourself some RAM space and quit drainage of battery then delete 9gag and do yourself a huge favor.

What other Android apps should I uninstall?

So, if you feel that some apps are taking up a lot of RAM and causing your phone to slow down. Check which apps have the greatest affect on the battery and drain it the most by going into the battery settings.

Moreover, download alternatives to the apps that are consuming too much power and learn to get used to them if you want an extended battery life.