Starwars Battlefront

Starwars: Battlefront Beta PS4, XboxOne and PC performance walkthrough

Starving for a video game full of action and thrill? Here is the game of your desire, launching on October 27, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC – Star wars Battlefront. One of the most immersive game, photo-realistic visuals and is prepared to make you experience an entire different world of gaming. Interact with actual iconic characters and feel yourself at the place of the gaming environment.


Trial with beta

The beta version for the spectacular game has been revealed for PS4 and Xbox One, running at 900p and 720p. That’s lot right? Well, this is going to be an amazing experience of a game full of actions and will be a realistic approach to gaming.

Resolution matters

PS4 will be setting Battlefront for you at 900p, with 1080p full HD benchmark, oh yes, now you may feel yourself as a part of this thrilling game. Battlefront will be the most astonishing game with a high resolution on your console.

HD results

720p HD is set on Xbox One, which is quite less than what is being provided by PS4. This result of resolution is not currently in everyone’s eye as the most capturing result because people may opt for other consoles that can provide them with their virtual desires being fulfilled through a high resolution to experience Battlefront.

Want connections to be strong?

Networks and connections on PS4 has been an easy task to complete whereas on Xbox, we are again having disappointment with continuous network disconnections. Since, slow internet connections and breaking up of these connections is always considered as a flaw, so Xbox One has been degraded badly here.

Xbox One vs. PS4

PS4 and Xbox have been in competition for the release of Battlefront as both can feasibly apply a change to your gaming environment, still PS4 takes lead over Xbox because of the above mentions specifications.

PC- a new one

But here we are, with a new gaming best console, for Battlefront that is, PC. PC is going to enhance the quality and resolution of Battlefront in no time, with 1440p high level resolution and will make you sit on your couch having that game in front of you all day long. This will also enable you to go to the higher settings to set up the Battlefront, and is labelled as “the ultimate form of game”.

Go for Battlefront

Thus, experience Battlefront on you Xbox One, PC or PS4 with an amazing resolution and a new environment introducing gaming in your life, fulfilled with actions and thrill. Enabling you to have multi players in the architecture of your game and you have the authority to exchange or switch players anytime you desire to. You may experience a variety of different weapons, gadgets and characters to be customized. So, get up and get hold on these consoles.