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Sony cuts PS4 prices and buys gesture tracker, 3D sensor maker

Sony is coming up with big announcements recently, there has been a major cut of $50 in the price of PlayStation 4 all over US, which will be effective today that is, 9th October’15. The PS4 was previously priced at $399.99, ever since its launch in 2013, which will now be reduced to $349.99. This price cut has been followed by similar price cuts back in Japan. This move makes prices equivalent to that of 500 GB model of Xbox one. Not only US but Canada will also face a reduction in price from $449.99, to $429.99.

These price reductions will take place before the holiday season commences. Not only this but Sony is also coming up with decent bundles which include, a 500GB PS4 with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection that will cost $349.99 on October 9th, a Call of Duty: Black Ops III 1TB bundle will amount to $429.99 on November 6th, and Star Wars: Battlefront sets will be marked at $349.99 with a standard 500GB PS4 or $50 amassed for a limited edition model on November 17th.


The above mentioned news is not the only one you will be hearing related to Sony as it has been up to a lot lately and has made some major improvements and up gradations which means that there is more fresh news coming up from their end. Speaking of which, Sony has revealed that it has attained Belgium-based SoftKinetic, a builder of 3D sensing computer vision technologies along with kinect-style depth cameras, CMOS depth chips and gesture-tracking middleware.

The cost of the procurement has not been revealed but according to Sony it does not predict it to have a substantial concussion on its conjoined financial outcome for the financial year ending March 31 2016.

SoftKinetic’s time-of-flight (ToF) range image sensor technology calculates the interval between the sensor and a light source to a physical object through the flight time lag of the light.

This sensing technology could be useful in supporting intercommunication’s between user of augmented reality devices or VR headsets and real world objects.

Sony uses ‘SmartEyeglass’, that is, a pair of AR glasses, for its part. Moreover, it is currently paying attention and working to develop virtual reality headset, which is known as Playstation VR. By looking at this we can see that Sony has things planned out in the near future for SoftKinetic’s 3D sensing, context-aware.


According to Sony, it has obvious plans on joining SoftKinetic’s ToF range image sensor technology with its very own technologies, which will hopefully upgrade the next generation of range image sensors and broaden the base of sense-related applications.

SoftKinetic was established in 2007. It has joined hands with Sony recently, enabling its 3D gesture recognition middleware to game titles on the PS4.

The company proclaims hands-free interaction that is, it will be using latest technology of gesture control interfaces for smart TVs and even more diverse situation where this technology can be used.

So, we can see that Song along with SoftKinetic is broadening its horizons and making the world more advanced in terms of its innovative technologies. And it is constantly working towards improving and inventing new things, breaking more grounds every time and giving all of us fresh news and challenges to its competitors.