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Some Windows 10 tricks you should know

It has been a couple of months since the launch of windows 10. Most of you might expect that you know all the stuff that there is to know about windows 10. But that’s not true. It’s is not that simple and easy because Microsoft is not keeping it stable or consistent. Modifications keep taking place as Microsoft keeps introducing new builds and along with that some of the tricks to windows 10 have not been made public. So no matter how sure you are about windows 10 and its working there still are many tidbits you don’t know about.

Mentioned below are some of the many tips and tricks you were most probably not aware of:


  1. Minimize all windows except the active one

Select the title bar of the window that you would like to keep open and then shift it quickly back and forth in a way that it seems you are shaking it. After doing this step a couple of times all the excess and unwanted windows will minimize and you will then be left with the window you were previously moving open.

  1. Quickly open the properties menu


Open the file explorer and in order to open the properties menu immediately, clutch the Alt key and double-click file, folder or a program shortcut to access the properties of that particular object that you have selected.

  1. New Windows key keyboard shortcuts

There are also a couple of keyboard shortcuts such as, using Win key you can access the new Settings menu,  Win key enables you to open new Action center and lastly by pressing Win key +X you can open the start menu which is sort of a secret start menu.

  1. Pin the Recycle Bin to the Start menu


If you prefer keeping the recycle bin right in front of your eyes that is, on the start menu then there is a way of doing that too. Just right-click the desktop icon and click ‘pin to start’. This will make the recycle bin icon appear on the right side of start menu.

  1. Background scrolling


Another benefit of having windows 10 is that you can easily scroll any window, inactive ones as well. This is a default setting which means it works on almost every windows 10 but if incase it is not functioning then all you need to do is, go to to Settings > Devices > Mouse & touchpad and switch on inactive windows when I hover over them. Following these steps you will be able to scroll active along with inactive windows.

  1. Speed through the Start menu


If you are in a rush and need to immediately reach to a section of the start menu then enter the ‘All apps’ section of the start menu and select the numbers or letters on top of every alphabetical section to open up a ‘speed dial’ jump list. Afterwards, select a letter/number to arrive on that particular section of the star menu.

  1. Control your Taskbar with keyboard shortcuts


Pinned programs on the taskbar can be immediately opened up using keyboard shortcut Win key [Number key] (the number key is linked to the position of the program on the taskbar). Win key +T are the shortcut to go through the programs that are available on the taskbar (to skim through the programs keep pressing “t”).

Using these couple of speed enhancing tricks in your windows 10, which you were unaware of you, can now work around windows 10 more quickly than you did before just by using some of the keys on your keyboard.

Source: CNET