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Samsung Galaxy S7 specifications and features roundup [Rumors]

Samsung has been the all-time favorite company of smartphones, and has been in a race of competition with Apple since always. Apple and Samsung, both deliver the best smartphones including the best features for their users. There has been no difference in the development of new increments, because both the companies are fond of delivering their prototypes within a gap of time. Both of these companies are close in competition and are getting really close in all the types of deliverables they are providing, and it would not be wrong to include that soon we’ll be finding no such big difference in the style or size of both the company’s products.

We are well known with the fact that both these extreme liked and experienced companies are fond of producing new flagships about every year. As heard as a rumor, we have found that to be releasing IPhone 7 is going to be in a battle with Samsung Galaxy S7, heavy to hear right? Like such two amazing heavy smartphones in a battle. Well, Samsung often launch their flagships in April, just before the launching of Apples gadgets. We have been listening in rumors, that this time Samsung, is trying to experience a masterstroke, or may be a blunder, by delaying the time of launch for their new in-competition gadget with Apple.

Competition is on its peak

It is much guessed that if the decision of delaying the launch of so heard rumor of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7, it is possible that it could degenerate in much big number of sales ahead of the Apples rumored gadget IPhone 7. This would be an advantage for Apple, because they would be granted with much more time to judge and inspect the Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship to improve its own gadgets specs.

As last year Samsung and Apple both delivered their so called best smartphone, Galaxy S6 Edge and IPhone 6s, both were in a high based competition. So, the approach to increment through Galaxy S7 is a quite risky and big challenge for Samsung to hold up against the new smartphone of Apple that is high in rumors, IPhone 7.

Have a look at the specifications of the rumored Samsung Galaxy S7

Heard much about the Galaxy S7, well, let’s have a glance at the rumored specifications:

Looks? And Design?


As it is still counted as a rumor, we are not well aware that what sort of the representation Samsung Galaxy S7 will be having. But, as we can see the last best approach of Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung has decided to get rid of the cheap plastic, and get it much replaced with a basic premium metal, which will be makeover of the device.

We were forced to believe that the Samsung S6 was a best displayed smartphone in the industry. So, we are quite sure that Samsung will be designing Samsung Galaxy S7 with a dual edged display. It is certain to have the functional features which will be similar to the Note 4 Edge and the latest Galaxy S6 Edge+. Now something that we should be thinking of is, that will Samsung be introducing two separate gadgets or only one which will be incorporating with the curve edged display.

As we are well aware that the preceding display and sizes of smartphones are followed further for the upcoming ones, like Galaxy S5 was given a 5.1 inch display and it was similarly followed for Galaxy S6, so surely Galaxy S7 is not going to be much different than this display but an additional feature is supposed to be added on the basis of a rumor, that this would be including a 4K display, if the smartphone will be enough supportable.

3D Touch display is going to be the most fascinating rumor heard, because it is just on the right path to compete with the IPhone 6s.

Shoot up yourself – Camera

There is no such expectation from Samsung to con about way more than 16MP shooter that was included as a feature of Samsung Galaxy S6. The camera is supposed to be composed of providing optical image, auto focus capability, stabilization and a LED flash, which can proudly declare Samsung Galaxy S7 to be having one of the top best cameras composition in a smartphone.

Battery – a vital feature

Battery is no doubt the most crucial feature that we consider while selecting a smartphone for ourselves, because we really lag in getting up and get our phone charged. So, as considering this basic need of ours, manufacturers are now designing the gadgets in such a way that it could last real longer, almost for a day at least. Samsung S7 is going to be empowered with the similar battery feature that was the base for Galaxy S5 and S6 of 2550mAh unit and 2800mAh unit with a courtesy of 15nm Exynos 7420 chip.


Google’s latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow is going to be added to Samsung Galaxy S7, as a heard rumor. The change of this new and advanced operating system is going to enhance the speed and performance of Galaxy S7, with a fingerprint scanning and privacy to get into the app by permitting is going to be developed for being introduced here only.

Let’s talk about the internal specifications


Qualcomm or custom built unit is considered when we talk about the mobile chips that are used t power and speed up the smartphones. Samsung previously did not come up with the Qualcomm, but if that makes you think that Samsung can’t get it back then maybe we’re going wrong. Though we are not sure that Samsung is coming up with home built or Qualcomm’s chip for Samsung S7, we have heard from few sources that it going to be empowered with new Snapdragon 820, that has already been experienced by Samsung earlier.

Rumors are all around letting us know that as the Galaxy S7 will be composed by Snapdragon 820, we have also heard on the other side that as Galaxy S7 will be released in UK it might have the Exynos chipset feature added to it which has been powered by its ancestors.

We have been looking that Galaxy Samsung S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have been supporting 3GB RAM, to be helpful in benchmarking to claim the throne. Now, we are of course desiring to get more of the previous one abut 4GB RAM to be supported in Galaxy S7.

Add up the Features

It’s basically the nature of a human to expect much more than the upcoming gadgets even we had the best in the last one, so what new feature is going to be added in the USB connectivity? We are considering Galaxy S7 to support a USB Type-C port that is way faster in transferring the data and getting your device charged, which may be flexible.

Samsung is now even caring about your health and fitness? Yeah, just like you d. Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be composed of an additional feature that will be providing you a scanner to scan the fat of your body.


As Samsung has been alongside in the competition with Apple’s IPhone, so, if Galaxy S7 is seriously going to be equipped with all the features mentioned in this article, then trust me, the price of Galaxy S7 will surely be in a competition with Apple’s, with a real high price, expected to be £649.

But if some of these won’t be integrated then the price would be following the cost of the last launched devices of Samsung, like Galaxy S6 that was launched at a price of £599. So, let’s expect for the rates and cost to be as much affordable at a level based with these features to gear up Samsung Galaxy S7.

Wait for a change of technology

So, just hold yourself up if you are thinking to get your smartphone changed or replaced, because trust me, Samsung Galaxy S7, is the right choice to make, for getting in your hands with such specified and advance technology based features.