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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus features and tricks

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ camera tips

Camera quick-launch

One of the best and fresh features of Samsung ultimate flagship device is the camera quick launch. This particular feature is very efficient and effective. Basically, enables you to launch camera, while the display is inactive, in just a few seconds!

In order to quick launch the camera all you have to do is double tap on the home button. You might as well feel the need to alter a few settings.


Within the camera app, tap the settings button. In the options, enable Grid lines. What this does is make a few lines appear over the display in order to aid their composition and arrangement in a much better and improved manner. Then I would suggest you to enable Review pictures as well. This feature lets you view the image immediately after you have shot it, so that you can either delete it or save it, instead of deleting the bad pictures later after viewing them all at once.

Lastly, when using the front camera, click Mode and tap Wide selfie. There is a high chance you might like it.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ screen edge tips

Favorites / shortcuts


The very attractive edge of the screen of the fantastic S6 Edge+ has a couple of great uses that you are probably unaware of. First off, set up the shortcuts to your favorite contact and apps so that you can directly access them quickly. You can do this by going to Settings > Edge screen and selecting either, People edge or Apps edge. You may now swipe your edge screen from the right side of the display to get to those items.

Then, set up your information stream. While staying on the edge screen, select Information stream, and enter Manage feeds. Furthermore, tap Download feeds to get new ones besides the ones that are present beforehand.

Quick reply


This is one of the easiest features, to understand and use. When you are receiving a call from someone, you have the option to position your finger on the S6 edge’s heart-rate monitor for about two seconds in order to cancel it and then, automatically send a reply to that particular caller. The interesting fact about this feature is that you have a choice about what you want this reply to say.

To activate, from the Edge screen settings, select Edge lighting > Quick reply and alter the field under Quick reply messages.

Download booster


And yet another interesting feature in this new phone is the ‘Download Booster’. This lessens the time a large file (30 MB or more) takes to download by speeding up and making the whole process faster by a mixture of Wi-Fi and LTE connections.

Activate this feature and make you life easier and efficient by going to Settings > More connection settings > Download booster. However, be cautious of your mobile data, because the consumption of it might increase with this new feature.

Audio quality and settings


If you are a song lover and quite frequently use your phone to listen to songs then you need to check S6 edge’s audio options. While you are using headphones, you can adjust the settings according to your needs and enhance your experience by customizing it using a couple of cool methods with Samsung’s UHQ Upscaler, SoundAlive+ and Tube Amp Pro settings.

It is advised that you try each one of these in order to enrich your experience and note which one you like the best then, go through Adapt Sound configuration method for much better personalized audio.

Hopefully, this article might have given you some useful tricks to use your phone which will make you love your phone even more than you already did.