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Play with one of these iOS keyboard apps because it’s fun

Keyboard apps to be used for fun? You might be thinking what an uncertain idea this must be. Because for you, keyboard is just a medium to communicate like send messages, find contacts in your IPhone, control the gaming section right? Well, what if we say keyboards are capable of much and much more now a days.

We are going to discuss five such iOS keyboards that are providing a mean of medium itself, useful in every aspect and is fun to be used. You may find a wide range of iOS keyboards that may entertain you with what you haven’t dealt with up to yet. Some of these keyboards are available free, but there are few which have to be purchased.

Keyboard – Flag emoji


Patriotic? Love the flag of your country? Well you may easily get it used by this, Flag emoji keyboard. This iOS keyboard is composed of 208 flags around the world nations. You can view any flag of any country just by getting it through this immense app.

Show your Joy

Now it’s not a task to get your flag when you’re celebrating Independence Day, or when you’re celebrating the joy of victory of your team – you just tap up on the flag of your nation and there goes the victory status. You can use these flags in normal conversations with your friends or buddies and you can stay known by different flags which belong to different nations.

You can get the recent used flags appear at the top for your ease to use it again and again without getting in a bulk of flags. Something unusual is what you want? Well, you can discover a symbol from an alien planer that is not yet determined on your standard emoji keyboard. Thus, this iOS keyboard, is going to facilitate you with 208 different nations’ flags, just tap over it, and share it!

KwiltKeys Photo Keyboard


Much social? Fond of moving your pictures here and there with your friends? Well, this is the iOS keyboard you must get hold of. KwiltKeys photo keyboard is now enabling you to get your picture and share it from your keyboard instead of moving to the location where the pictures are actually located.

Get it done with ease

This iOS keyboard is giving you such an ease by letting you text your pictures from your Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox by just operating through your keyboard. So, now your keyboard is much useful right?

How KwiltKeys keyboard does it? Here, is the answer. KwiltKeys simply streams your pictures from Messages, Mails, PowerPoint, SnapChat, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Docs and Slides, Word and from where not. You just have to select it, hit it to get it copied and a little longer press on the option of Paste and there you select it to get it shared. So, this is how without going in such apps, you can simply use your keyboard to fetch the required picture and share it, text it!

Try different – Memoji Keyboard


Tired of having the same emojis every where? Take a look at Memoji keyboard, as it serves you with something never seen before in iOS keyboards. This keyboard lets you use your personal emoji, oh yes you get me, click your selfie and get it turned into an emoji and share it right away.

Now rather than having those default emojis used, through the built in filters add it to your selfie taken and make it share with your buddies. The first three shots of your emojis will have free but after that you have to purchase Memoji keyboard for your device.

LINE – Emoji Keyboard


Are you waiting for such emojis that can clearly view that how you feel? What you want? What you’re craving for? Well, Emoji LINE is equipped with about 3,000 new and never seen before animated and character stickers and emojis that can clearly define your feelings without even adding text to it.

Say it through emojis now

You will to communicate through emojis only, then this is the iOS keyboard you must have in your device. You may easily communicate if you’re dying of hunger, and you need food. You may get you love and care shown through the available several cute and love emojies. You may show patriotism, your hated, your liking, disliking, thoughts and what not through a vast bulk of emojis available in a single Keyboard by LINE.



Instagram freak? Are you from those who love to Instagram every picture and like at every second picture you find on Insta? Well, this keyboard is certainly the best one for you! KeyFeed is a free custom keyboard and it enables you to manage your Instagram from any other app you’re using. Confused?

Get it done with a tap or two

Well, even if you are using any other app rather than Instagram like on the web, or emails or even texting and you really like a picture which you want to share right away, so rather of switching to your Instagram app, this iOS keyboard is providing you with an ease of making you share that picture instantly from that app. Just tap once to share the image link and if you want to give it a like, tap it twice.