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Perch is your new smart home security system [Download]

There’s a saying ‘Keep you friends close but, keep your enemies closer.’ iOS and Android is now claiming to keep an eye on your rivals via a new app, Perch, so now, instead of tracking your enemies on social websites you can easily have a proper platform.

Get on work

Perch is equipped with a Foursquare that gives its location an awareness. What Perch is providing you with? The very first time you will be introducing this app, it will first enquire what your company is, the identification will be stored and there will be an entire list viewed of your competitors. You can have a daily look on all your rivals by receiving emails through Perch, and you can easily makeup your plans to compete with your rivals.

You can easily create a Watchlist to keep an eye on your competitors, get instant reviews and notifications of what your rivals are up to.

Supported by Android

Perch is an app that is supported to work on the Android 4.1 or higher. It is enabling you with the ease to track what your competitors are up to at every single moment. Now you don’t have to log in to Facebook and other social websites again and again, rather just get this app on your hands and get all what your rivalries are planning or stepping up.

Get notified at every action

You want to stay updated? Want to know what your competitor is posting or getting high with? Well, here you go, just get this app Perch, and you’ll be alerted with what-so-ever you’re rival company is planning on the business site.

Perch is providing ease

People have been earlier logging on to social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare, Groupon and several more to gage strategy and exposure to what competitors are up to in business field. Therefore, now the survey has shown, that people are well satisfied from this app as they are not required to log on to other sites, and get updated.

Act as an spy

Perch is providing you an environment to act as a spy as having proper knowledge of what your competitors are planning so according to that you get your business strategy done well.

Get your hands on

So get this app installed and just enter your business details, location to view all the competitors you have in your way as hurdles, and stay updated with all they have to share and move along with ideas to cope up with their planning.

Download for Android devices

Source: TheNextWeb