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Now create video loops with Boomerang by Instagram

Instagram it! This is what we all say after clicking a picture with our favorites or just after recording a video of our memorable events. Now, Instagram is up with a new additional app for iOS and Android users for letting it grow more over called Boomerang! The name itself shows the craziness the app will be consisting of.

The social networking has been the best and supported way to make people record and share their video of everyday special moments being captured in mini loops to live it afterwards. This is an app that would be considered to act as a portal for users. Boomerang, is going to make your social life digitalized and livelier, as the blog that accompanies this app declares that ‘It’s not a photo. It’s not a gif. It’s a Boomerang!’

Boomerang! Get started with ease


Now, this app is not a hard task to be used. The Instagram and Facebook strongly supports this app. What this app is going to entertain you with? Well, Boomerang is allowing you to click a burst of five pictures with your favorites and buddies, and get it looped in a small video, and you may instantly share it with your friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Feel as using IPhone 6s or 6s Plus

As what Apple has been providing their users through IPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Boomerang is just in the competition with it. Yes, Boomerang is enabling you with exactly the same feature that is in IPhone new series camera app. So, the looping feature of Boomerang is going to enhance the importance and usage of your gadget.

Share it up!


Instagram is one of the most used app nowadays, like everyone is up following every second one. So, instead of composing this looping feature within the Instagram app, the company has decided to make a second usable app which can be given a direct link to Instagram app. Boomerang is just a click away now.

Hyper lapse and Layout has been introduced that is proving this mentality just right, that is, these two apps may allow the users to get done with a certain task and then they can instantly share it through a stand-alone Instagram app on your phone, whether it is Android or iOS.

Interface is just what you want

An easy using interface matters right? Boomerang is here with just the right understanding user interface and a self-dependent app that consist of a single button to capture, alongside are the buttons to share the click pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s experience some excitement


“We’re inspired by the visual stories you tell on Instagram. With looping videos and Hyper lapse, you experiment with motion in new and exciting ways. Now, with Boomerang, we can’t wait to see what you’ll create next.”

This is what has been stated for the introduction of Boomerang, the users are quite innovative and creative, thus, by the idea of not to get a stop on the creativity of the users Boomerang, has been introduced with a looping feature for videos and even hyper lapse that sounds more interesting to the users, as we are always in a keen search of something new and creative.

Instagram has served us with Boomerang

Instagram has been an app that has given us the reason of being socially alive, we come up with new friends and get updated with all their activities. Well, Instagram is never going to step back, because Boomerang is clearly making us know that Instagram is always going to keep us alive while using this app and will have incremental changes and features coming up to keep the users engaged in being social.

Boom up with Boomerang

So, get this app on your Android on iOS installed right away, as this will be a new experience to have the functionality of looping videos that can be instantly shared on Facebook or Instagram right away just by clicking up on a button through the simplest interface. Enjoy it now!

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