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Load web pages in a flash with Speedafari for iOS [Download]

While surfing the internet you might come across ads, photos and tracking scripts every now and then, which is not an issue as you have excess speed and bandwidth. While on the other hand if you are using internet via cellular network the same thing makes a big difference. Even sites advanced for cell phones may contain additional objects that cause the page to load lazily while exhausting battery and mobile data at the same time.

To eliminate the above mentioned drawbacks you can access Speedafari ($1.99), an iOS app that authorizes iOS 9’s all new content-blocking capacity that allows the web pages to load faster.


Initially when you run the app, will instant you to cast the Speedafari widget to your today screen. This is where you choose to switch the utility on and off and adjust its level of combativeness.

The next step you have to take is to visit the settings section and go into the option “safari” then “Content Blockers” and following that you will be able to enable Speedafari. You may now follow the routine method of browsing in Safari.

Yet, when you move down the screen to call upon the Today screen and tap Speed Up Safari, Speedafari will load pages on the basis of three aggressiveness stages:

  • Low: Blocks ads and tracking scripts.
  • Medium: Blocks every single script and font.
  • High: Blocks everything except for the main HTML.

You will not use this more often, particularly if you are surrounded by Wi-Fi and 4G most of the time. However, there are times when your internet connection is working too slowly and web pages are taking forever to load then in those cases you will need to invoke Speedafari in order to make some progress and enable your web pages to load a bit faster.

It would certainly be great if there was some automatic setup to connect to Speedafari when you are no longer connected to Wi-Fi but unfortunately, for now that has to be done manually.

It does not work any different from what is portrayed in the advertisement. However, it is hard to analyze how much data and battery life is saved but small quantities add up to make big differences and that is how it works. Saving some amount of data and battery every now and then can collectively make a huge difference.

Such apps are much awaited because in today’s world no one likes to wait and people want things done without delays and wasting stuff so, all such apps that save time and batteries in this tech world is really appreciated.

Download Speedafari