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iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus 3D Touch and its features [User Guide]

Talking about innovations, tech titan ‘Apple’ has recently unveiled yet another new and exciting feature in its new iPhone 6S and 6S plus which is, 3D touch. This feature provides with an opportunity to interact with your iPhone on a whole new level just by sensing the pressure of your touch which makes the user feel more attached and in a much more controlling position. Below are the basic interaction methods and ways in which the 3D touch method can be played with.


Quick action:

This method launches an app’s quick action menu when the user presses the app’s icon. It provides a major shortcut and lets the user have a look at the primary features of a particular application without having to open it up and go into detail. All of Apple’s apps have this feature enables in them and many third party applications are also upgrading themselves to include this feature in order to make it useful for iPhone users.

Peek and pop:

This method lets you preview all kinds of content and go onto details, if required. For example, if you light press you can peek at each message in your inbox or preview a link and see what it contains without having to open it whereas, with a deeper or long press the sensor detects the need for you to open up the content separately which in this case is called, pop.

Text selection:

This allows the user to move the cursor across the screen by a simple drag of the finger whereas, a long press enables the user to highlight text which has been made a lot more easier with the help of this feature. So, highlighting is no longer an issue for iPhone users!

Furthermore, peek and pop have been integrated in all of Apple’s applications, which is very obvious as Apple is taking advantage and making the most out of its intriguing features by providing its users with this features while the third parties are still trying to get a hang of it and update their application to integrate Apple’s all new features.



When iOS 9 is done identifying the content it can provide a preview for using ‘peek’ that text becomes underlined and thus, user can peek into it without opening the content.

Stated below are some actions that can be taken with the following apps:

  • Messages: user can preview the message thread and provide quick replies while using the peek option. Not only this but the user can open up shortcuts to email and face time call just by selecting the contact’s photo.
  • Safari: light press on a link in safari can bring up the preview of the respected url and the user can slide up for more options including, new tab.
  • Music: albums can be previewed using peek, sliding it upwards allows the user to add or remove and even play that particular album.
  • Calendar: peeking on a particular date will let the user preview the events on that particular date and delete them by sliding that preview up. Moreover, an invite to meeting can also be accepted or declined without opening it up i.e, remaining in peek option.

In addition to all this 3D touch settings are adjustable which means, that the user can adjust the sensitivity of the pressure according to his/her own needs which can makes  feature come in handy and user can easily get accustomed to it.

User can disable or alter the amount of pressure required to activate 3D Touch in iPhone’s Accessibility settings. To get there, open the Settings app then go to GeneralAccessibility > 3D Touch.

To sum it all up, this exciting new feature has made major improvements and up gradation in iPhone 6 making it more user-friendly and taking a lead in the mobile market as always. That’s all for the 3D feature and its interaction methods on the iPhone 6S and 6S plus.