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Apple iOS 9 [Complete Guide]


Apple iOS 9 – Changing the Game

Over the last few years, Apple’s software updates have been receiving mixed reviews. Some people prefer a certain version over another and vice versa. This in a way proves that everyone looks for different features in their software updates. However, this is also a known fact that over the years Apple has tried its best to maximize optimization for users. All the software updates over the years have been designed in hopes to try and make things better for users. The latest iOS 9 has been released with the same high hopes. Let us take a closer look at this version in order to see what it’s all about.

Released on 16th September 2015, this version aims mainly to maximize speed, battery life and various improvements to stock applications. The update has been received with mostly positive reviews as it brought with it fixes for the previous bugs in iOS 8. The new features introduced in this version are reviewed in detail below:

Storage Requirement – Less for More: Unlike the previous software updates, iOS 9 does not require a large amount of storage to be installed. This version can be updated as long as there is a stable internet connection and 1.3 GB of free space in the phone. This has made a lot of users happy as the 4.5 GB of storage requirement of iOS 8 inconvenienced a lot of them.

Performance – Speed is Everything: The most notable feature which has arrived with iOS 9 is the super fluidity with which it operates. With this update, iPhones now feel extremely responsive and seem to be working on a remarkable processing speed. The “lag” which bothers many phones does not seem to be a problem for iPhones with iOS 9 now.


Battery Life – Recharge Less: There are various changes introduced in this version of iOS which are designed specially to conserve battery life which has always been a concern for iPhone users. Apple has claimed to achieve this via various methods such as adaptive sleep delays and optimized backlight algorithms. Users can also choose the newly introduced “Low Power Mode” which stops the device from consuming too much energy. It can be turned on manually or it can automatically turn on when the phone is running low on energy. The best part about this little feature is that once the phone is charged, it automatically turns off.

Apps – Improved Innovation: As mentioned above, with the introduction of iOS 9, there are various Apps which have received improvements.

  • Maps: The Maps App now comes with transit information for the various modes of transport in these cities and Apple intends to keep adding more to the list soon.
  • Notes: This is another built-in App which has transformed completely with iOS 9. This version of iOS allows users to even doodle or make little sketches. Photos from the phone library can be inserted into a note and various tools such as the ruler has also been introduced. Attachments of text documents, audio messages, locations and various links can also be shared via the note.
  • Wallet: The Passbook App has been revamped and named “Wallet”. It fulfills all the requirements of the Passbook App and contains credit cards, loyalty cards, movie tickets, boarding passes etc.

A couple of new Apps have also made their way into the Apple World with iOS 9. These Apps include:


  • News: This App is specially designed to provide users with news and keep them updated. This news information is from credible sources such as The New York Times, ESPN, CNN and Wired. Users can pick areas of interest from which they would like to have news relayed to them.

Multitasking – Do More: The best feature of iOS 9 has been saved by us for the last. This is the ability of users to now be able to do various things at once via Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture feature.

Slide Over: This feature allows users to perform the quicker tasks while performing the main ones.

Split View: This feature allows users to be able to use two apps at the same time and view them on a 50% by 50% ration on screen.


For now the iOS 9 seems to be the stuff dreams are made of with its enhanced features and its ability to function effortlessly. Until any bugs or glitches are discovered, this software update is highly recommended for who wish for optimum interaction with their iPhone. At the same time Apple has again proven that it has changed the game and raised the performance bar very high for smartphones.