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How to speed up your mobile internet

You usually buy smartphones due to its fast processing speed and the ease with which you can easily avail its fast mobile internet speed, but there is no use of that phone if its internet speed is too slow that it doesn’t let you entertain yourself easily. We’ve got three apps for you as a solution to the poor mobile internet problem.

1.     OpenSignal


This app enables you to find places at your particular location that offer the best mobile internet coverage for 2G, 3G or 4G/LTE speeds. And most importantly, it is a free and crowdsourced app.

It calculates the strength and health of your present connection and looks up for nearby hotspots. Location of best available signals is shown, and also indicates which carrier is giving you the best speeds in your area.

Although this app is useful and beneficial, you should watch out for the amount of battery it is draining.

2.     Internet Speed Booster


As the name suggests, this particular apps helps you in speeding up the internet connection of your smartphone. According to its description in Play Store it helps increase the internet speed by as much as 80 percent. However, it depends highly on each individual device.

It is very user-friendly. All you need to do is tap ‘start boost’ after installing the app and it will start doing its job for you. Lastly, this one is also a free app and requires zero root privileges.

3.     Connection Stabilizer Booster


If you suffer from unstable mobile internet connection or one that keeps disconnecting then in that case Connection Stabilizer Booster is your ‘go to’ app. This app has been broken down into two parts, Active Reconnect and Active Keep Alive. The first one is used for stabilizing your connection and maintaining it, the latter, comes to life, when your connection disconnects, in order to bring it back to you.

Keep in mind that Active Reconnect needs root privileges from active Android Lollipop users.

Bonus: Speedtest


Having mentioned all the useful apps to you in order to increase your internet speeds and maintain good connection, it is also advisable for you to try Speedtest. This app will help you discover the actual speed of your internet connection in over 30seconds or even less. To check the performance of the above mentioned app run Speedtest before and then after using the three apps to check how much they are helpful and benefit your phone.

If you do not want to rely on all of the above mentioned apps then your best and probably last option is to make sure you are using good mobile data speeds that offer the strongest of signals.


Source: AndroidPIT