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How to enable Windows 10 new wi-fi sense feature

Window’s 10 has come up with an all new feature that is, Wi-Fi Sense. This particular feature has been constructed to make your life easier by allowing you to share network authorization without the need to give up your Wi-Fi password. It is beneficial to avail credentials or authorization around efficiently, considering that your, Outlook, Skype, and Facebook contacts are trustworthy.

Wi-Fi Sense is mainly designed to do two things. Firstly, it enables you to distribute your Wi-Fi network’s login credentials to your contacts and at the same time allows you to link to networks that are shared by your contact so, basically, it goes both ways. This can always come in handy if you often change the password to a network that is in use by many people, or if you wish to enable people to connect to the internet while keeping your password anonymous. Now let’s presume that all these people have Wi-Fi Sense enabled in their respective windows 10 then in that case, here is what you can do:

Turn Wi-Fi Sense on

Initially, the Wi-Fi Sense is initiated by default, if your PC has been assembled adopting the Windows 10’s Express settings. Basically, this means you can now detect and associate with any Wi-Fi networks shared by your contacts. However, networks that you connect with will not be saved to your computer by default.


On the other hand, if, in case you didn’t start up your computer with the help of Express settings, you can now easily turn Wi-Fi Sense on in the Settings menu. All you need to do is go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi and then select Manage Wi-Fi Settings.


In order to enable Wi-Fi Sense, click Connect to networks shared by my contacts to on. In this option you also have the choice to select and manage which of friends/contacts of yours will get any Wi-Fi info you wish to distribute, this can be done by selecting or clicking on the boxes besides contactsSkype contacts, and Facebook friends.

Moreover, if you wish to share networks with your Facebook friends then select Wi-Fi Sense needs permission to use your Facebook account and sign in to your Facebook account in order to allow Windows acknowledge.

Share a network

The networks that you link to are not allowed to be shared by default with your contacts, if your Wi-Fi Sense is turned on. However, if you do wish to share a network then all you have to do is go into the Wi-Fi Sense options and manually distribute that particular network by typing the password again.


In order to do this manually, just go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi and select Manage Wi-Fi Settings. At the base of this page, you’ll find a part called Manage known networks. In this part, you’ll find all your ‘known’ Wi-Fi networks that is, all the networks that were saved or linked to previously.

To distribute a particular network with your friends, select the network name and then toggle Share.


Afterwards, type the password to the network and then re-select share. The moment you are done and over with this step that particular network’s password will be encrypted and distributed to your contacts as it is. This encrypted form will automatically connect your contacts to that network, if in range, without making the password visible to them.

Prevent people from sharing your network

You still need to make your network Wi-Fi-Sense-proof, because your contacts can’t be restricted from sharing the information of your network with their contact and this is something you would highly discourage hence, the need to make your network Wi-Fi-Sense-proof. Go ahead and and follow this last step to make yourself feel secure and comfortable!


Source: CNET