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How to download Shadowmatic the award winning iOS game for FREE

So here’s a good news for the iPhone users. Heard of the amazing game ‘Shadowmatic’? Well iPhone is giving this game free to its users via its Apple Store app, and its available for both iPhone and iPad users.

Shadowmatic is one of them most admired and astounding games available at Apple Store app. This game has been free in the Apple Store app in the past, only for the promotion of Apples free app for almost a week. The price of this game in the Apple Store app is $2.99. Since very few people knew about this game in the past, now the Apple is providing an opportunity to its users to get this game free from the Apple Store app certainly for a limited time, but worth experiencing it.


Something never seen before

Well, shadowmatic is a quite inimitable game, like something never seen before in the market. In this game the player has to rotate the uneven 3D objects provided to them in such a way that the required shape is obtained.

Its description in the Apple Store is somewhat given

“Shadowmatic is an imagination stirring puzzle where you rotate abstract objects in a spotlight to find recognizable silhouettes in projected shadows, relevant to the surrounding environment”

 So, you may be wondering that you must rush and download this game like all others you downloaded ever from your Apple devices, well it’s not as effortless as you think. To download this game you have to make a little effort and download it from the Apple Store app instead.

Easy to get on your gadget

Well if you are interested in downloading this game, there are a few steps that you need to follow, which are mentioned right below.

STEP 1: If you don’t have the Apple Store app in your iPhones or iPads, go fetch it from the Apple store, well what are you thinking? Its price? Come on, it’s for free!

STEP 2: You should be seeing a massive banner image for iPhone 6s on the very summit, scroll down and down until you come across an icon for the Shadowmatic game.

STEP 3:  Well, now that’s what you have been looking for, just a tap with your finger on the image or icon.

STEP 4: Now click on the “Download now for free” button and follow the given easy understandable commands.

STEP 5: Well enjoy your finest iOS game around.

Here you have the supreme game of Apple ‘Shadowmatic’ right there on your device to entertain you. Just get this game, and get your spare time utilized with fun.