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How to buy Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 and its features [Prices updated]

The Surface Book, one the most innovative and powerful creation of Microsoft, being extra sleek, has been launched. And that’s not it, one more amazing technology served to the users by Microsoft, is the Surface Pro 4, tablet that has been claimed by the Microsoft, as the tablet that has the tendency to replace your laptop. Both these innovations of Microsoft will be available to get from 26th of October, and pre-ordering services will be in work from 7th October onwards.


The Surface Book

The Surface Book, one of the most creative innovation is featured by combining a 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, enabling a memory space of up to 16GB, and to get you more interested it has an optional graphics chip discrete as well.

Claimed as one of the best Windows-based notebook, the Surface Book, has a 13.5-inch display with an extra feature of detaching the display from the base.  The smooth display is 3000 x 2000 pixel with 6 million pixels at 267 pixels per inch. Woaah, that’s a huge figure right?


The specifications of Surface book are way too astonishing:


The smooth and sleek touchpad made up of glass with multi touch feasibility and backlit keys are really comfortable and ease providing.

Resolution matters

The camera matters eh? Well, this laptop is armed with a front camera of 5 mega-pixel, enabling you the face scanning authentication for unlocking your notebook to keep your things safe. Adding up to this, is an 8 mega-pixel camera that enables you recording 1080p HD video, to facilitate you with a sharp and clear view.


Curious to know about its internal features? It has a PCIe 3.0 solid state drive, consisting of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB or 1TB of the storage space for updating and storing your data. Core i5 and i7 is the specification of the processors grounded on the selections you make. Holding up the space of 8GB or 16GB of RAM.

Battery is going to last long

Don’t worry about the usage of battery in the Surface Book, since it is featured while keeping your activities in mind, it can last for 12 continuous hours while playing video. Adding to it, even after sliding your lid down, your battery will not be wasted at all. So, enjoy this long lasting battery laptop.

Microsoft-Surface-Pro-4 (1)

The Surface Pro4

The Surface Pro4 – claimed as the laptop that can replace your laptop, having such comprised features that can make your laptops get on the side, or maybe get it over from your table and this Surface Pro4 may replace it. This astonishing tablet, will be releasing for the availability on October 26, and enabling the pre-ordering session since 7th of October.


Here are the specifications of ‘a tablet that is going to replace your laptop’:

Display-larger than you imagined

Surface Pro4 makes you view a larger screen of display than seen before of 12.3 inches being extra slim and sleek, from 9.1mm to 8.4mm and even being light as a feather for you to carry it along anytime.


Windows 10

Upcoming with windows 10 featured and enabling you to use all desktop based advanced applications more smoothly.

Change to see? Here you go with the keyboard

This astonishing tablet, no lesser than your laptop has a new designed keyboard style with much more suitable spacing.


Enabling you a camera on the front, for your face authentication to keep your tablet safe and secure.


Including a stylus to this tablet, making it more effective to use, has 1024 levels of pressure of sensitivity. Making your tablet get interacted with more speed and accuracy.

“For Surface Book the pricing and availability in the UK has not yet been announced, but converted directly would range from a £985 base model up to a roughly £1,770 top model. In Australia, only the entry-level pricing has been confirmed: AU$2,299. The topline model would convert to around AU$3,775.

As with the Surface Book, pricing and availability for the Surface Pro 4 in the UK has not yet been announced, but converted would range from a £590 base model up to a £1,445 top model. In Australia, pricing starts at AU$1,349 with higher-specced models yet to be priced.”  as reported by CNET