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How can one protect their iPhone from falling

Have had enough of drop test videos showing people destroy their smartphones for the sake of increasing views? Apple has come up with a solution! It is a patent of its own that would make you forget about such meaningless videos.

Apple and other companies have been continuously involved in researches to find out improved and flawless ways of protecting the screens of smartphones when they are dropped. Advancements have been made to strengthen glass to its maximum extent in order to avoid breakage. However, it is still the case that when an iPhone is dropped on a hard surface it ends up being damaged beyond repair. Who would want that to happen? Therefore, after much hard work and research in to this matter Apple has come up with a new patent that would hopefully help people get over the worries of breaking the screens of their iPhones when it is dropped.


Let us now, fill you in with the details about this much-awaited patent. In a new patent application published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, under the heading of ‘Active screen protection for electronic device,’ it is reported that Apple might have discovered an innovative method to protect an IPhone’s screen from directly hitting a hard surface when it is dropped, therefore, minimizing the chances, of completely wrecking your screen in case of an unfortunate fall, by many times.


Within this patent application, Apple has given a detailed account of a collection of tabs placed surrounding the exterior of the screen of an iPhone. So when the iPhone senses that it is incurring a fall the tabs around the screen would automatically move in that particular direction. Intervening the hard fall, the tabs provide safety by cushioning the screen and stopping it from directly hitting the ground. So, instead of breaking your iPhone you would only be making it a little dirty from the fall. So, thanks to Apple you saved yourself from a major loss and expense.


The tabs are normally not visible to you during your routine use, but they only make themselves appear when they are needed. So, these tabs could play a major part in the future, making your phone’s life longer and durable.


However, mentioning and making it all clear to you beforehand doesn’t mean that you start expecting iPhone 7 to have this feature built in it. It’s only a matter of time until you find out for sure.