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Halo 5 Guardians is great and your friends gonna love it

Halo 5: Guardians is a blockbuster first person shooter franchise which has been in a high demand and through the evaluation, it has been considered as the most astonishing, strong and the most marketed game ever! What’s new in it? Buddy! It’s totally and entirely focused on multiplayer components now! You don’t have to get into the game individually for hours and hours, but now, it’s time to get your friends along and enjoy the ever green Halo 5: Guardians.

So for the ones who have been involved in the gaming, come on now, this is the game for you and your pals with the best concept of shooting video games, that you can immensely enjoy with your buddies on the couch for hours and all day long.

Get into the gaming world of Halo 5


The series of Halo has been a cooperative affair when an intense multiplayer gaming mode, and now it has been even more enhanced for the first person with every functionality that is preserved in Halo 5. Something totally unique is going to be experienced by the users this time, now you will be having a series of four multi players to come along and get involved in the field of gaming together with a targeted mission! And if not even four, you must have one buddy along yourself to get the feel and functionalities of the gaming world of Halo 5.

Get into the game!

Now, what the game gives out? The events of Halo 4 are generally sorted out and having the stories of series protagonist Master Chief, the Spartan super soldier whose job is to save humanity, and a second group of Spartans on his trail are going to be executed at the same time. The thing that comes up is, when you eventually find out that Master Chief is off for his mission in the early of the game with the members who are called as his squad in pursuit of Cortana, the series who actually was considered died at the conclusion of Halo 4, is seemingly dispatched to lead by the second group that is Fireteam Osiris. As this new team that has been founded is in much attention so the major part of the game somehow focuses on the following of this team, trying to get the idea of what is happening in the galaxy.


Halo is introduced as a series which consists of high tradition and eventually it has not always succeeded to clearly define a story on which the game relies. The story spends the lion’s share of its running time that is out of 15 missions the 12, which is somehow trailed by Osiris as it is trying to figure out that what is going to happen with the Master Chief.

Spark of the game

The spark of the game? Well, Cortana is beckoning huge old robots to her from different and unique planers for some not known reasons, and that the fact is these robots are eventually the reason of destruction and distortion of human colonies. As a game to be based on a story, the Halo 5 is set up without any payment. The motive is to follow an actual happening story which is predicted in Halo 6, and for defining short term analysis nothing of a material is happening.

Halo 5 has been introduced with the supportive motive of a conflict between the loyal Chief who is always being considered questionable and the ‘traitor hunting’ Osiris leader, Locke, but the sad part to include is, that’s the most summed up part in the game.

Your friends are considered as a benefit now


Now you can call up your friends and enjoy the scenario of gaming Halo 5, because it is now supported for a bunch of friends being equipped. You may turn out this game to be fun blasting with one or a group of three. Yeaah, earlier there was no such functionality for the squad to be involved, but something new is needed right, so Halo 5 is here with the feature of adding your group to the game like 3 teammates for being the backing players and every single of them can be handled and controller by a human player, that is your friend beside you.

Artificial Intelligence is ready to cope up

Don’t be sad if you don’t have much friends around, because when your actual human players aren’t there for operating the team characters then the artificial intelligence takes place to control and manage the squad, but restricting in a few orders like targeting the specific enemy, moving to a certain location mentioned and jumping into the vehicle positioned. And even in the reviving of every other player if there are much damaged and fall in the battle.

Somehow we do not much enjoy by Ai, because it’s considered to be dumb and is easily mislead and confused in the game. Unless you again and again directly front assign the AI to shoot or make the other go on fire, it doesn’t do so! As the level enhances it fails to understand it and cope up with it. Therefore it’s much better to have a squad with you which can make your gaming much ore unique and good rather than having the dumb and stupid AI.

Halo 5 is highly equipped with the functionality to play with a proper group of friends and get the AI at aside to get the actual scenario and basic actions done through sensitivity. It is somehow designed in such a way that cannot be enough handled by AI.

An Enhancement Frontward in Rivalry


Competitive multiplayer, is what’s most demanded by the players of Halo 5, and it’s in that approach the game mostly makes up for its several blunders in the campaign. The heading “Arena” consist of more standard multiplayer matches, for instance, capture the flag or team death match and these give us the most profit from the variations or changes made in the mechanical movements that make the obliging campaign work.

Warzone Mode Alert!

The multiplayer expands in a much better and evolved manner in the new “Warzone” mode. There are two types of Warzone matches, each funds a team of 12 player: one team attacks the sequence of objectives while the other team defends and tries to save them, this is a “Capture/Defend” style mode and a manner that blends both AI enemies and a divergent team to generate a fusion game type. This game is now changed and now it contains a lot of distinct focuses that even allows the not-so-skilled players to subsidize profoundly to the success in the game.

The players not only work to kill the rival teammates in these warzone fights, but they also try to seizing sites by clearing them off confrontation by both human and computer-controllers. As we all know that it takes alt of team effort and team coordination to win a match, the exact same theory applies in this game.

REQ System – Enhancements

Enhancing all this is the new “REQ” system, in order to buy REQ packages players try to win more points, which bestow casual “cards”. Everything is represented by these cards, from guns and vehicles to damage and shield boosters. The more points a team earn, the more they increase their overall “REQ” level, permitting players the usage the cards they’ve revealed to call for revolutionized guns, superior vehicles, or supplementary bonuses to the war or battle. Warzone rapidly turns into a huge chaotic mashup of everything Halo 5 provides you in a huge gigantic clash, where you have the audacity to destroy an entire tank at a moment,

A variety of matches are added, thanks to the REQ system, and the compensations they provide us are commonly offset by the size of the match, so it does not mix up into a story of “The team which has the best cards, wins.