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FullContact is probably a smart way to save your contacts

If you need an app to manage your contacts in such a way that they are integrated throughout various accounts at a single time then, FullContact is just the perfect app for you. FullContact was fully launched for mobile phones back in January. Initially, it catered to the iOS users only but now FullContact has extended its services to android users as well.

As far as iOS users are concerned, FullContact can be used in order to inform you whenever your contacts alter their personal information such as, email address, so that the information stored in your address book records is updated throughout your multiple accounts. Not only this but FullContact also enables you to enhance your contact details with other advanced information such as, social accounts and job titles. This advanced information is achieved by FullContact from tracking sources like Facebook and twitter.


FullContact can also be used as the primary address book of your phone. It lets you call someone straight from the app and also updates you with the current social activity of the person you are presently making a call to. This feature comes in handy when the calls you are making are not being answered. So in this particular scenario you can know the current activity of the person and the reason behind them not picking up your call for e.g., that person might be in the middle of a meeting.

The only dread about FullContact from my point-of-view is that it searches too much unnecessary job information for someone. FullContact will provide you with too much content about someone which might even be obsolete in a lot of cases such as, someone’s old job title, which is obviously invalid.

However, information in FullContact can be altered or updated by you. The plus point is that it gives you information about people you do not know very well. The drawback comes in when wrong or obsolete employment information is provided.

According to FullContact it is “always tweaking and improving (its) algorithms to improve the confidence and relevance when public data conflicts.”

You would be affected the least if your social circle or contacts do not involve people with constantly revolving jobs. Despite the drawbacks, FullContact is based on a whole new idea and is smart as well, adding to your phone’s useful app collection.

Lastly and most importantly, FullContact is free!

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